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  1. TWG

    GTA IV error?

    I've tried reinstalling it before. Now it's a fresh copy, and I still get the error. I installed new drivers for card, still nothing.
  2. TWG

    GTA IV error?

    It was working for a while all the time, and then I stopped playing for a while. Got back into wanting to play it, and I keep getting the Windows 7 error GTA IV has stopped working.....driver issue? Perhaps. Any other suggestions?
  3. Thanks! Working on coils and glows. It's gonna be a 2D Plane, because I'm not exactly sure on to how to work the lighting in MAX yet.
  4. What does that have to do with my animation? XO
  5. Alright, so I've recently gotten back into Max, and let it be known right now, that I'm strictly an animator, not a modeler. I can't model for s**t, but I'm fairly good at animating. HAVING SAID THAT.... I just recently have come into possession of Telltale's flying DeLorean model. I've done a rough mock up as the start of a little CGI short. It starts off with a familiar scene, albeit this is a really rough cut. I came here due to needing a little assistance, if anyone is willing to render any. (haha, puns, guys!) The DeLorean flight path, from my analysis of the scene, is fairly accurate, however as you can probably tell, numerous lights and effects on the DeLorean such as the wheel/vent thrusts, coil glows, and wormhole emitter sparks, are missing. I can do the re-entry and exit explosions fairly well, however these other parts to me are fairly important. Anyone have any idea as to how I might be able to work those in? I tried using omni lights for the vents and wheels...didn't look very good. EDIT: and yes, I will be switching camera angles so the DeLorean doesn't fly right through this camera shot.
  6. The new DeLorean is looking great! I presume....no source file, though? =[
  7. Sooo....my namesake's father(?) made an appearance in the Expo! I loved that part, I busted out laughing. Also, SPOILER: FUTURE BIKER MARTY FTW. "Mr. McFly...thrill me." Wanted actual BTTF1 ending music, but oh well. Still works. XP
  8. SPOILER: the end video confuses me. Is FCB trying to HELP or HURT Marty? the last few lines of the episode seem to point at hurting him, but the trailer hints it could go either way.
  9. SPOILER: OR IT COULDN'T. Introducing.... SEASON 2. *cue BTTF theme* There seems to be a huge amount of plot holes to be filled in a 2 hour episode. It'd be worse than the Series of Unfortunate Events ending.
  10. SPOILER: Thoughts on the ending: CITIZEN BROWN, GO QWERK YOURSELF. End. Also, hi everyone. XD
  11. SPOILER: FINALLY, the DeL flies! And yes, most incredibly awesome. Also, about the speakeasy arsonist... SPOILER: It can't be Marty or Doc. That'd be predestination paradox. And BTTF doesn't deal with predestination. The only person it leaves is Edna. And she has the most motive, being a part of and disliking drinking and anything that's fun and entertaining. Burning down a speakeasy is....logical.
  12. See topic title. Like, um, something similar to the SunStar DeLoreans? I always loved the time train in BTTF3, and was wondering if there was a version out there somewhere.