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  1. Thanks! Working on coils and glows. It's gonna be a 2D Plane, because I'm not exactly sure on to how to work the lighting in MAX yet.
  2. What does that have to do with my animation? XO
  3. Alright, so I've recently gotten back into Max, and let it be known right now, that I'm strictly an animator, not a modeler. I can't model for s**t, but I'm fairly good at animating. HAVING SAID THAT.... I just recently have come into possession of Telltale's flying DeLorean model. I've done a rough mock up as the start of a little CGI short. It starts off with a familiar scene, albeit this is a really rough cut. I came here due to needing a little assistance, if anyone is willing to render any. (haha, puns, guys!) The DeLorean flight path, from my analysis of the scene, is fairly accurate, however as you can probably tell, numerous lights and effects on the DeLorean such as the wheel/vent thrusts, coil glows, and wormhole emitter sparks, are missing. I can do the re-entry and exit explosions fairly well, however these other parts to me are fairly important. Anyone have any idea as to how I might be able to work those in? I tried using omni lights for the vents and wheels...didn't look very good. EDIT: and yes, I will be switching camera angles so the DeLorean doesn't fly right through this camera shot.
  4. The new DeLorean is looking great! I presume....no source file, though? =[
  5. Sooo....my namesake's father(?) made an appearance in the Expo! I loved that part, I busted out laughing. Also, SPOILER: FUTURE BIKER MARTY FTW. "Mr. McFly...thrill me." Wanted actual BTTF1 ending music, but oh well. Still works. XP
  6. SPOILER: the end video confuses me. Is FCB trying to HELP or HURT Marty? the last few lines of the episode seem to point at hurting him, but the trailer hints it could go either way.
  7. SPOILER: OR IT COULDN'T. Introducing.... SEASON 2. *cue BTTF theme* There seems to be a huge amount of plot holes to be filled in a 2 hour episode. It'd be worse than the Series of Unfortunate Events ending.
  8. SPOILER: Thoughts on the ending: CITIZEN BROWN, GO QWERK YOURSELF. End. Also, hi everyone. XD
  9. SPOILER: FINALLY, the DeL flies! And yes, most incredibly awesome. Also, about the speakeasy arsonist... SPOILER: It can't be Marty or Doc. That'd be predestination paradox. And BTTF doesn't deal with predestination. The only person it leaves is Edna. And she has the most motive, being a part of and disliking drinking and anything that's fun and entertaining. Burning down a speakeasy is....logical.
  10. See topic title. Like, um, something similar to the SunStar DeLoreans? I always loved the time train in BTTF3, and was wondering if there was a version out there somewhere.
  11. @Mike, well I mean, if you're changing things and stuff, then thaaat I did not know about. >_>
  12. .3 is after .2f. .3 is 1955 buildings and missions and stuff. Case=rested.
  13. That's not the point I'm making here. Nowhere in any type of preview of new stuff for .2f (supposedly the last in the .2 series) has the hoverboard been shown at all, meaning it's supremely under wraps, or there's been no updates on it.
  14. Actually, 1955 is supposed to come first, and that's happening in .3 .2 is about fixing the bugs and making the vehicles in the best way possible...I was doing a search for the Mod Progression topic, but search rages when you use the word "mod" because it's under 4 characters. >_>
  15. I thought like, one of the main points of .2 would be to perfect the vehicles to the best way possible. Now, I know the Del and the Train have been showcased, as well as mostly all of the cars from all of the eras as well, time circuits have been number programmed which is AWESOME...however, I was wondering if the hoverboard has been forgotten...seeing as we're still riding it like a scooter and it doesn't have hovering sounds. =/ Plus like...we haven't seen anything about it since .2d (c?) development and how it can skitch the back of cars. >_> Any hope for the hoverboard, guys?
  16. Right, I know that. BUT, people have made it possible where sound systems have been embedded into DeLoreans to which stuff like that IS possible.
  17. Where would you even start with that though? My dad and I are working on building a fake digital speedo that goes from 0 to 88 at a fixed rate. That's easy. Use some seven segments, hook em up through wires to a display driver/circuit board, program the IC, enclose it in some project box housing, and you're done! With a sound system, and one sophisticated like being able to detect when your door is closing and opening sounds like a really tough thing to do.
  18. I think what the buyer is getting at is like, ITS THE SAME ONE USED IN BTTF ZOMG. No but I think I'm more interested in the tech stuff inside the DeLorean, not so much the magazines and other paraphernalia. I haven't found anything on BTTFParts, BTTFStuff, or offto55 anything related to interior sound systems inside the DeL conversions, or detailed analysis on how they work and are put together.
  19. Lolz, I figured. =/ Prices were very similar to Videobob's stuff though....maybe it was something, like an offspring of BTTFStuff? Maybe not.
  20. Hey, anyone got any intel on this website? http://www.bttfdelorean.com/ It's reportedly a website that sells parts for BTTF conversions, though I only just found out about it a few days ago. Now, I know of BTTFParts (The board's back up, btw for anyone who cares), BTTFStuff, offto55 and so on, but I haven't EVER heard of this one, or like, if it's even still operational, or what. Curiously enough, I was directed there by an old post on the BTTF.com boards that I found was posted back in '07. I was curious as to if there was a way to configure some kind of soundboard or speaker or some kind of setup that would trigger the DeLorean door sound when I opened and closed my (horizontal opening) car door. (By the way, if anyone knows how to wire that up, send a tell. I'd rather do it myself versus paying 450 and change to buy a unit ) I was lead to the interior conversion section of the website, and found the HVMDU (the brown box that sits behind the Time Circuit drive switch) had been repurposed (at least, on this website) to be a functional sound board equipped with speaker that could be wired to various other components sold on the website, and that would play sounds once appropriately triggered. For example, hitting the Drive Switch would produce the Time Circuits On and Off sound, ect. Does anyone know if this is true, or not? I get no reaction on the Email tab, else I would have already contacted the website owner. However, the Add to Cart Paypal function still works, and I can add parts to my Cart, ect. Information on this would be great. Thanks!
  21. I like the GREAT SCOT! one as well.
  22. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3214...p;id=1288134965 Full quote is... "I attended the Hill Valley High "Enchantment Under The Sea" (with font) Dance, November 12, 1955. Complete with hearts and seahorse. XD http://shirtshovel.com/movies-backtothefut...chantment.shtml ^ Shirt. (Doc voice) Whaddya think?