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    Looks like you guys finally did it. Congratulations. 0.2f is finally here.
  1. I have to say, the one thing that did peak my interest was the "Time increasing Wanted Level" script. That is something I haven't seen done, but then again, I've been out of the mod community for a while now... I would like to see how you work out Most Wanted's hiding spots and those things you could drive into to wreck the police into this. Most Wanted was one of my favorite Need For Speed games.
  2. yeah it works out well and makes some of the controls much easier to manage, IMO, but then again, I've always been a controller kind of person and not very good at some games with keyboard and mouse controls.
  3. This actually is a great working mod. I personally love it and think it would help HV out alot. (It could also help the KR mini mod with its use of custom weapons and weapon on car animations and things.)
  4. So I'm sure this is old news, but I'd figure I would share it anyway. I have recently discovered that the GInput mod made by Silent at the GTAForums actually works really well with the Hill Valley mod. I know for a fact that it looks great with the xbox buttons, mainly because I use a xbox 360 wired controller. I don't know how the playstation buttons look, but I would imaging they look just as good. The great part is that I didn't have to reassign any buttons in Vice City's controller options, just changed to classic mode and bam, works like a charm. I would have made a video, but my PC isn't very good at doing videos, so sorry. Here is the link to GInput http://gtaforums.com/topic/562765-reliiivcasi-ginput/ Make sure you download the Vice City version. Here are some sample pics from Hill Valley 0.2e tutorial:
  5. And they will probably be there for many years to come.
  6. You see, 0.2f isn't dead, its hanging out with BTTF-LC 1.1b. That's all. They just aren't ready yet, lol.
  7. I never noticed that... Thanks for pointing it out to me BTTF Forever.
  8. Not to mention that in LC the TM's max speed is 88 mph, even in hover mode in the BTTF2 flying upwards. Oops, maybe I've said too much, oh well.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a Stock DMC-12 doesn't have a max speed of 132. I believe it was in the Bonus features of BTTF1 that they said the car's engine was such low performance that it could never actually reach 88 mph. Or something like that.
  10. so this is all in one game, interesting... can i ask for 1 video showcasing all of this? thanx EDIT: Saw the summary video, great job indeed!
  11. For Lego standards, I'd have to say that its pretty darn accurate. I agree, you should make a tutorial, or try making the model in the Lego Digital Designer and upload the model file somewhere so that people may order the model from Lego if they wanted too. This had me thinking, Lego should do a BTTF series of models, they've done everything else. And why not a Lego BTTF Game, that would be interesting too, lol.
  12. That's unheard of... Something better than Alienware? Nah... Really? Maybe I'll have a look then...
  13. Guys, I'm glad you like our mod so much, but there is no need to bash the SA mod. Please don't do it again, it actually makes me feel bad about the SA mod, being inactive and out of date and what not. They'll get to it again. Anyways, plz try to stay on topic. Thanks again LC fans.
  14. yeah, noticed that, pretty awesome if you ask me, but at first glance i just saw the black del and thought, Oh snap! bananas!
  15. Does anyone else think there was an HV reference in Episode 5, or was it just me when they were showing the Blue and black Dels? I mean, come on, blue DeLorean = Blue, black DeLorean = Del88us... Seems possible, right? Edit: Yay, it says "To Be Continued" at the end, after the credits...
  16. Someone is mistaken, in the DeLorean that is flying, its the original Doc and Marty intercepting Citizen Brown and 1931 Enda.
  17. 6:15 am Central Time, still no episode 5... Wonder when they'll have it up? My guess is maybe noon Pacific Time.
  18. I don't have beef, I have turkey, lol. Sorry Mike. I'll stop.
  19. Look, the way DK explained it to you should fix your problem. I have no issues with HV at all. And what is this bug some are talking about with the full version? Your PC's must be low end, because I've never had a crash with the R2 of HV. Speaking of, and I figure you are educated enough to know this, but still... Just in case, when you install VC, and go to install the mod, make sure your discs are not in your drive when you go to play... Just sayin, ya know?
  20. I'm sorry, but I have to relish in the thought that people are looking forward to the BTTF:LC mod. With that being said, this still isn't the place to say it. Oh, and I'm sorry, but without Chico and Kocher to make your models, your add-on is going to look like something Stexturer made in 2 seconds. No offense, its just that those two are really good at what they are doing, and you are an idiot for being ungrateful of their skills. Nuff said.
  21. Okay, so I was kinda wrong... but there were more mod tools made than SA at the time anyways...