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  1. Hello, I installed the mod for SA, and was wondering what the name of the DeLorean car which is (got the car spawner) and see if it already comes assembled for time travel. Thanks.
  2. For those of you who live there, the town of Hill Valley exist? Thank You.
  3. Chamyto


    Help, Please!
  4. Chamyto


    And how does this? Sorry, we do not understand the MOD.
  5. Chamyto


    Has no such word there.
  6. Chamyto


    What line number?
  7. Chamyto


    Use that program to open the main.scm?
  8. Chamyto


    Geez, please the game gets boring so ¬ ¬
  9. Chamyto


    I think he wants the gull wing doors and other parts to come off if broken. Its probably because the TM is indestructible or it appears to be so. Yes! Portugues: Eu queria que as portas do delorean em modo máquina do tempo quebrassem também!
  10. Chamyto


    I wanted the doors of the mode DeLorean Time Machine and other parts that break or other normal cars, will if I delete a file in program files of the game, or something I do that? Thank You.
  11. DoubleFace, be quiet your useless, useless comments do not like is his character.
  12. Look here, is 75% done by me. (The face of the shoe and some were already MOD) Skin has down there too, just behind the head is dull, I do not know the program needed, but soon I'll be updating. Skin: