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  1. Hello, I installed the mod for SA, and was wondering what the name of the DeLorean car which is (got the car spawner) and see if it already comes assembled for time travel. Thanks.
  2. DoubleFace, be quiet your useless, useless comments do not like is his character.
  3. Look here, is 75% done by me. (The face of the shoe and some were already MOD) Skin has down there too, just behind the head is dull, I do not know the program needed, but soon I'll be updating. Skin:
  4. My suggestion for future versions is this: You put the almanac of sports in arms, then you would go back to 1955 and pressed a button to Biff gave the almanac, there when you went to 1985 instead of having the clock tower, has the building of Biff, and Biff's helpers try ya. Well, that was my suggestion for future versions as 0.2f e others. Until next time! See you in the future! Or in the past ... Sorry for some mistakes, is that I'm from Brazil. And just something else, you could do a translation into Portuguese of the game? Thank You xD
  5. Someone (can be of moderation) pass me this music video, she is very nice, thank you.
  6. But there's no way to put it there anytime you want?
  7. Have to press a button to put it there?
  8. According to this picture below, the einstein is inside the DeLorean. How to let it go inside? Thank You.
  9. I found it interesting, though I think the Doctor Emmett L. Brown continues in 1985, because according to the animated series (which is a continuation) they are living in 1991, it was found interesting and creative.
  10. Carlos did not know I'm sorry, you can close the topic if you want.
  11. I looked for the soundtrack of BTTF 3 and not found, does anyone could pass me a download link? Thanks.