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  1. Can't believe it's been almost six years since 0.2e. I still remember competing for high scores on the old forum's arcade.
  2. Nope. SOPA's been shelved until next month. PIPA doesn't get voted on until the 24th. There is some incorrect information in your post, but it encapsulates the general idea of SOPA and PIPA. If these do pass, however, we can say goodbye to our freedom as Americans. Of course, this doesn't only affect Americans; American websites will be forced to take down copyrighted content, affecting anyone else visiting those websites.
  3. Welcome back. Did you hear? All dogs are blue now. Every single dog in the world is blue. Ha. I'm just messing with you.
  4. Very well, I apologize for my insensitivity. However, I still have one question. What is this "patoned" you speak of? Translation: dawg, i b sry for mah shiz but i not b gettin it still. what b patoned i is not no
  5. Isn't it a rule here that you must have a translation in English in your posts? Translation: yo ain't derr a cracka-jack law dat u must have da engrish in posts yo
  6. I was actually suggesting the use of said sites to...never mind.
  7. Well don't ever download episodes from illegal websites. That's bad. Very bad. It might not be that bad. Truly inexcusable.
  8. I apologize. I didn't mean for that to be taken as an insult. It was just a reference to one of the show's jokes.
  9. Yeah, it has the wittiest writing I've ever seen. I retract this statement.
  10. You definitely should. +1 for good television! Some selections
  11. ELBdelorean


    If you didn't know already, I'm a big television nerd who likes shows with actual good writing and characters (read: not Family Guy). In any case, I advise anyone who can to watch Community tonight at 8/7c on NBC. Now if you've never heard of Community, you're streets behind. It's only the greatest comedy on TV right now and it's on the verge of cancellation. See, Community doesn't perform so well in the ratings department because of its timeslot. It comes on at the same time as The Big Bang Theory, which is just a typical three-walled sitcom with one-dimensional characters and predictable writing. NBC has decided to bench Community and put it on hiatus until further notice. Despite this, Community still has a large fan base and dedicated viewers. Plus, if you need proof that this is the most superior comedy that is currently on, just search "Community" on YouTube and watch some videos of it. tl;dr: Community's a great show and everyone should watch tonight's episode. We need those ratings! Six seasons and a movie!
  12. Smh, Rockstar has never reused a protagonist. Why would they start now? Especially since this is a new story arc. Don't know why I decided to post this now, but I did.
  13. Happy birthday Gaben, you son of a b**ch.
  14. It's San Andreas. I had a feeling.
  15. That's so cool! I took the same picture with the Doc actor by the DeLorean. I had one of the T-shirts that they sold when the ride was still in existence. The actor guy didn't seem to know many lines from the movie, though... In all honestly, the BTTF ride was amazing, but the Simpsons ride is really good.