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  1. I didnt read every post, but any news if any of the other actors besides Chris Lloyd are in on the project? Cause on the Facebook game the voice for Marty is not MJF...
  2. Here's an interview with one of the staff of the Telltale games production crew. Spoony interviews him at PAX. http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/bt/spoony...k-to-the-future http://thespoonyone.blip.tv/file/4096313/
  3. Here's the problems I had. 1. They have the Delorean back. Which suggests to me that they either are making it so the ride is part of the story and Doc has the Institute. Which in my opinion went completely against everything he believed in in the movies. 2. A Tannen was an officer of the law. Opposite of what he should be. That's it Plain and Simple. 3. George and Lorraine have had 13 years to forget what Marty's face looked like. And then 7 years later they're baby looks like him? I think if Marty ran into his parents again, George would become suspicious about the similarity. And then of course, have you seen the Flux Capacitor on the train? In front of the cabin? That think is f***ing huge. No way would Lorraine have it around her neck. Pregnant and that? She'd fall over... 4. Playing as Jules or Verne? Is this the cartoon? If so, Why don't we play as Einstein driving the train? and finally... 5. Their continuity was way off in every scenario. We want to play the movies. Not extra stuff. Yes, I'm sure we'd all like to play with the Delorean and travel wherever we wanted in a sandbox like mode. Maybe have some easter eggs thrown in. But I would forgo that for a good game that sticks to the story... Not following the story is what made this nonesense...
  4. How much you wanna bet they're gonna use the jurassic park sprites for a bttf trip to dinosaur times...
  5. Well i'll tell you this... I see Back To The Future references in everything myself... mainly tv shows... Supernatural, Chuck, NCIS, CSI: NY, etc etc... Heck, I even saw one in Smallville a while back.
  6. Awesome game... spent 4 hours playing it. And I beat it...
  7. I call no fair! I have been a diligent member of the forums going on 2 years now... I have put up with people who don't know what they're talking about and non helpful advice from people who did...I have put so many hours into learning how to do this stuff that you guys are doing because I believed that this could be Frakking amazing!!! Shenanigans Goddamnit!!! Shenanigans!!! Please say it's just shenanigans... You guys made me decide what I wanted to with my life... I want to be a graphic designer... I'm taking 5 classes to learn this stuff... And that's just the 3D work... I haven't even gotten into coding or texturing... I call not fair. And that's all I gotta say about it...
  8. These sure are nifty... I'm adding those last 2... More accurate that way...
  9. As nice as that all is, I just think it would looker with the steam... And if you remember, after having completed the ride mission a few times, all the Dels get Location Circuits. So which part of the code do I copy paste to make it the way I'd like it...
  10. Yu guys have seen my vid right? Where I time traveled at like 150 mph? Here it is anyway... Just skip to 1:14 to get to the good part...
  11. Thanks Mike, I'll try that... For a while there I thought maybe it was because it wasn't the right OS. I'm using Vista so after it didn't work the first time I tried making it run with XP compatability Still didn't work. I'll try that though...