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  1. If i just remember how to rig this one i might put it in game, but i completely forgot how to do it.
  2. Thanks to all of you A progress pic of the BTTF 1 Time Machine, In this pic i just left the chassis, for reducing poly meanwhile i make the TM parts, (Believe me when you work in a netbook is complicated to work whit High poly models) The underbody is gone because, this don't have damage. Also I know the parts aren't accurate, but i am not really going to do many detail on the exterior because this ISN'T a BIG project. Anyway i hope you like it. EDIT: Also the interior back texture is screwed up, because I'll fix the texture problems When i am done in modeling thanks
  3. Added two new models
  4. Hello, i think it's time for show some new models i've done, i know they aren't a lot, but i've been very busy working whit the green screen for a school project, now that it's done, I can make my models again. Now i've got a lot of free time. If you want any model to be done, send me a pm -Hoverboard DeLorean 1981 This one has a little bug on it's back, a black paint problem, that is because i am still learning how to do renders with Mental Ray Elder Wand This is a model for Harry Potter's fans, according to the Harry Potter world this is the most powerful wand ever created. Phoenix Feather Wands Thanks, for reading, I Hope you like those models. Mr.Fusion
  5. Carlos, can you post more images of the DeLorean?
  6. In case somebody didn't understand something so easy, I'll give you a hint
  7. You can't get this, Carlos is never going to give permission for the release of that car
  8. Blue, i have a question how are you doing this? whit 3dsMax help or how?
  9. DK, Can you post a pic of a damaged delorean on gta iv?
  10. Carlos, this is by far the best 3D DeLorean I have ever seen, congratulations.