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  1. Nice sounds! I can really hear the difference between the old and the new ones.
  2. Wow 3D gonna like this! Pity i don't have 3D glasses
  3. No! No Don't do this to us! DON'T!!! My life will be ruined!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
  4. You're not the only one. I got it working! At last... and it's awesome! i really respect you guys for making this mod for us, cause this gave me a headache just only to get this working.
  5. It's only a rar document that opens in windows media player automatically, don't know what i did wrong with the download
  6. Hey uuuhm i got it downloaded but it's a rar document that i can't instal for GTA Hill Valley, what to do?
  7. Filled up Mr. Fusion. Check Parked the BTTF 3 Railroad delorean for the time train. Check Time Circuits on. Check Attach the delorean to the train. .... I didn't work with the 4 or 5 button on the number pad Someone else who got an idea to attach the delorean to the time train?
  8. It's a good game, you'll have to think fourth dimensionily!! ( Or how do you write that? )
  9. That would be awesome! And maybe other wise to? When marty is driving/flying that doc's a passenger