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  1. Nice sounds! I can really hear the difference between the old and the new ones.
  2. Brilliant! You're just brilliant! Amazing!
  3. Wow 3D gonna like this! Pity i don't have 3D glasses
  4. No! No Don't do this to us! DON'T!!! My life will be ruined!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!
  5. You're not the only one. I got it working! At last... and it's awesome! i really respect you guys for making this mod for us, cause this gave me a headache just only to get this working.
  6. It's only a rar document that opens in windows media player automatically, don't know what i did wrong with the download
  7. Hey uuuhm i got it downloaded but it's a rar document that i can't instal for GTA Hill Valley, what to do?
  8. The rabbids from the rayman games are going back in time! Notice the flux capacitor on the side of the ''machine''. Enjoy!