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  1. In 0.2d it was too much trouble to drive to Washington beach to get gas. Real texacos give gas so this would also make Hill Valley more realistic.
  2. When I try to do this the DeLorean just moves to the side and then i end up driving the train into the water and dieing. I dont get how the MikeWard guy on YouTube does it.
  3. How do I get the Back To The Future 1 or 3 DeLorean? I can only get the BTTF 2 Delorean by pressing '2'.
  4. When i Click 'Load Game' or 'Start New' The loading bar goes exactly half way through then freezes. I have more then on versoin of GTA Hill Valley(Multiple VC files - ie: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\BTTF HIll Valley 0.2e - theres other files for 0.2d and 0.1) all three versions of VC wont load correclty. if i try to change my skin before loading the game(i like to look like marty) the game freezes as soon as i click 'Player Skin Setup'. How do i get the game to load fully and start BTTF Hill Valley?
  5. Im used to using Version 0.2e when i got 0.2d it was fun but i cant find the Teleporter/bridge to Hill Valley. I know in earlier versions Hill Valley was floating above Docs garage with a teleporter and in later version(s) there was a bridge. Wheres the Bridge/Teleporter in Version 0.2d?
  6. Everytime i play bttfhv i go to the mansion but the time train wont respawn. How do i get it to respawn?
  7. I got the Multiplayer add on for BTTF HV but when I finished installing everything i noticed something, the main menu backround changed.I saw no multiplay button so i clicked Start Game and loaded a save file. Halfway through loading it stoped. I opened Task Manager and it said GTAVC was not responding.so i closed it and tryed again, same thing happened. How do i Uninstall VC multiplayer without uninstalling BTTFHV? or at leased how get BTTF HV MP to work.