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  1. Oh yeah, I used Dragon King's gta-vc.exe on this one. It was the most stable gta-vc.exe I can use.
  2. Anyone here tried doing the Clocktower lightning reenactment in RC? (I wanted to re-do it and do a video, but then I no longer have Fraps) All I did is: - Put in the hook (did this before the next one because doing this second would cause a crash) - Go to November 12 1955 10:01 PM - Set the Destination Time to 11/12/1955 10:05 PM a minute after the lightning strike - Set to Instant Time Travel (since I thought triggering it to Cutscene Time Travel would mess it up) - Went out positioned myself near the lightning cable somewhere the DeLorean would later on crash on me if it wouldn't time travel - Went to RC mode and drove the DeLorean to the starting line - Waited 'til the clock alarms at 10:03 PM - And hit the cable and have the DeLorean time travel just in the nick of time As for the extra hook in the cable, that came from my first RC Clocktower lightning reenactment attempt. When the DeLorean made it back in the first attempt and used it to go back to 10:01 PM to re-do it to have a screenshot, that hook wasn't removed and remained there. Still the RC reenactment thing was hell fun and cool. And if someone could do it himself/herself and provide us a vid, that'd be nice.
  3. Blue said it is going to be released soon for 0.2e. Dunno when she will release it.
  4. When will DELB and his team plan to have a 24/7 server? I heard they would, with Mike's help.
  5. IMO it will still look good on VC. Are you also going to make gold DeLorean time machines, and a gold DMC-13 too?
  6. daangelo29

    Doc's Garage

    Nice. More progress.
  7. But I think there'll be some not-seen-in-the-movies changes in the maps, like the buildings between 1885 and 1900 don't remain the same and change as time progresses. We can't have the same map for a certain set of years/eras, since it will strange that if you go to December 31, 1929 11:59 PM with the 1885 map used and wait for 1 minute, the whole map will suddenly transform to 1955 Hill Valley or something like that. But since this is a matter to be discussed for versions 0.3 and higher, we can't talk about this at the moment. 0.2f may or may not have a bigger or perhaps an almost complete 1955 Hill Valley, I am or we are not sure yet.
  8. They are cool cars, and it's nice to have them in the mod, but like Evilrex said we should stick to the movie cars. We already have implemented many non-movie cars, and there are very few available empty slots for new cars, and most of those few slots are already for movie cars they haven't implemented yet like Jennifer's father's car.
  9. Plutonium will still be a dangerous substance in 2015, especially that almost everyone in that time (including kids; remember that kid who fixed the old arcade machine by himself in BTTF2?) are technology geeks, possibly knowledgeable enough to create nuclear bombs by themselves, so it's not possible to have a plutonium shop in 2015.
  10. I think it's better to remove the tire trails for all cars. Tire trails are the only ones that cannot be removed via time travel. Sometimes it ruins the fun of the time travel to see the same tire trails even on the past. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to never see tire trails, right?
  11. Me too. And others is an Australian, a Russian, a German, a half-Chinese, etc. Yeah, the Clocktower feature and the theater would be better off as not missions. If we were to apply missions for 0.2f, we'll need a complete plot for each mission or for the entire set, but since we still lack Hill Valley and stuff, so it's not possible at the moment to make such type of missions for 0.2f other than The Ride, which obviously has its own plot/story. The horses are possible. Like the Time Train's train wheels, we'll just use objects for the legs of the horse and code in the animation for the legs. The problems about replacing motorcycles with horses are the bikes' ability to drift, their tendency to leave tire marks after drifting, etc.
  12. If we were to move to GTAIV, we may also need a version for SA for those who wants to stay with SA and don't want to buy and play GTAIV in their PCs for a whiel.
  13. And it would be better though in 0:11-0:06 (the time in videos in Photobucket goes in reverse), it's the in-game DeLorean time travelling in the in-car-facing-the-windshield camera view (with Camhack), then a flash would appear, then the video switches to the scene when Marty arrived at 1885 (0:05-0:00).