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  1. I recall this being brought up before, in the original forums, I think. (Is that old site still up? I kinda miss it.) Clara was actually moving her head left and right, perhaps looking for the blacksmith who was supposed to pick her up. If it wasn't for Doc saving her life, she would probably be p**sed at him. lol.
  2. Hi, guys. It's good to see that this mod is still getting an update. The new models definitely look gorgeous. But I think it's best to finish the visual effects before releasing them. Have you guys heard of or used LINK/2012's Mod Loader? It's a very convenient tool for installing, removing and managing mods. I tried installing with the models patch and the 20101105 code via Mod Loader, and it worked well.
  3. To each their own, I guess. I never cared about the dated engine. Mods make the game feel fresher and newer to me. The only game I have whose mods do not motivate me to continue playing it is Minecraft. While there are a plethora of mods to choose from, and it's not that difficult to mod it considering it's programmed in Java, the missing features in the vanilla game and the incremental mod-killing updates are pure buzzkills for me. Have you tested VC's CLEO yet, though?
  4. Interestingly, modding is still continuing to improve and push the engine further. Apart from CLEO for III and VC, someone has also made a working mod loader for SA. Sanny Builder was even updated to work with the Android version of III, VC and SA. I find myself playing VC and SA more than IV and V because of the improved modding. I'm hoping this will motivate you guys to continue developing this mod.
  5. Apart from the one below, no. I'll try checking my old ImageShack and Photobucket accounts. I might have some there. My old effects.fxp has that implosion particle I made before. It animates a lot like an implosion, and it's the best and most accurate I came up with. I was hoping one of you has it.
  6. Sorry to bump this ol' thread, but has anyone DLed the sample scripts (# 7)? I need the effects.fxp of it. Deleted it by accident.
  7. Is that the original BTTF 2 model with the Crysis model's textures, or the Crysis model with a Mr. Fusion?
  8. I remember waiting to death for someone to make this back then. It's a dream come true, I guess. xD In a somewhat related rote, I've made my own version of the implosion particle for the San Andreas version of the mod as well, along with a couple more mods I wanted to share before. I still have them, and could share them if you guys are interested.
  9. I PM'd SeedyOne about the IGN article, and here's his reply: Dunno if he thanked me or the team on that last part, but whatever. Really, this is just another fan of BTTF and the mod who made a well-done showcase video of the BTTF mods and received credit he wasn't asking for.
  10. He won't. It says in the video's description (again) that the code was a beta of bttf92it's BTTF mod that bttf92it gave Seedy. He told Seedy not to release it, so he didn't. Same for the other mods. What he did is linked every mod, along with the name of the one who made/converted the mod (I see Dragon King's name in it), and gave simple instructions for those who are interested in trying these mods a try... in the video's description. Again, Greg Miller didn't read the description before writing this article. He was probably too amazed with the mods that he immediately made an article about them and gave Seedy all of the credit. It seems a lot of YouTubers have this disease of not reading video descriptions before commenting.
  11. That, or they did not read the video's description. SeedyOne clearly said in the video's description that all of these are not originally his. These are just a few BTTF mods all put together and tweaked a bit to his liking.
  12. Remember that when Del tried out porting the code to SA, CLEO wasn't around yet at the time and he found the whole port to be an utter headache. CLEO, among others, made things a lot easier for San Andreas modding. We can see that by comparing the earliest SCM-based version of the SA mod and the latest CLEO-based source code of the mod. This, and Del/Blue's main focus has always been towards Vice City. But Del has promised to update the then "mini-mod" into a full-pledged version of the mod for SA, after seeing the opportunities offered by CLEO, so I think the real question here is why hasn't Del continued working on it yet? And by "easier", I meant not having to deal with too much problems like limitations and stability. But speaking of, I hope Del gets the time to check out VC's own CLEO plug-in. Porting some if not most or all of the code into CLEO might solve a few problems in regards to the limitations and stability.
  13. It's not just because the engine is old, which can be overcome-d. It's also because the possible options for modding Vice City weren't completely explored during its time. People had once thought that San Andreas was more unstable than VC when it comes to modding, but after modders like Seemann put a lot more dedication to SA modding, explored the possibilities and came up with more modding options and tools, such as CLEO, it later became the most mod-able game compared to GTA III and Vice City. You could mod SA without having to worry too much about stability or how to install the mod properly. San Andreas's popularity was likely the main thing that kept the modding community's interest in it long enough to gain a larger variety of modding opportunities. Had Vice City been given the same interest and dedication by modders, we would find the game easier to mod now.
  14. On the side note, it's interesting how many people are still under that old assumption that any console game cannot be modded. While it is true for the PS2 and some of the sixth-generation consoles, it's no longer true for the seventh-generation consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, PS Vita and the 3DS. You just require the proper tools to do so.
  15. Yeah sure, C++ is a good alternative, but does anyone in the team know exactly how to do it and have the interest and time for it? It's been said a long time ago that the team had no one to take the role of making a C++ workaround for the SCM coding. Blue/Del has tried it before (by making a more user-friendly time circuits that you can interact with via the numpad), but he found it pretty unstable. He may be able to make a stabler one and even move the whole code to C++ plug-ins, but he may not have the time or knowledge for it, or could not see any good reasons for it at that time. Blaming the team's lack of a person with the knowledge of the C++ plug-in and the willingness to waste their free time on it to take such a role is a lot different from blaming their very ability to code. If you can do it, you can help them. They would definitely need your help, and it'll be a lot better than bringing up unnecessary and unhelpful criticism towards the modding team's lack of ability to do it themselves. Apart from C++ plug-ins, I see another good alternative to SCM coding, for both Vice City and San Andreas -- CLEO.
  16. Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do. Stopped playing the game since "Citizen Brown", but I already have the last two episodes. I'll continue playing when I have the time, and I'm thinking of restarting the whole game. Looking good, BTW, Trance.
  17. Fixed the quotes in your posts, RobertBlox. If you're quoting to a post with long codes, try hiding the quote with "spoiler" tags or simplifying the quote like what I did above. Or if you're replying to the latest post, quoting the post is not necessary.
  18. If the bike is stainless steel and Flux Capacitor-compatible, I'd say the 5K price is justifiable.
  19. Pirated GTA, in the form of a web browser game? Seems too good to be true. XD Tried running this on my old XP PC. Clicking the "play" button had Avast! immediately warning me about a virus. Note that the chat behind the huge message window always mentions the same thing every time you open it.
  20. Forgot that I made that post. LOL. Been busy with a lot of things in what's supposed to be my summer vacation. Though after this Wednesday I'm wishing I could finally really have a summer vacation. Sorry if the post sounded nag-y. As far as I recall, I've posted about it because I still want to make sure of things. Being against the idea of releasing the wormhole didn't seem to make sense to me. Up until now, to be honest. Is it because this was ripped or converted from the Telltale game, pretty much like Trance's converted models?
  21. ... and I was worried that I can never get that Alex Mercer skin in Prototype 2 which can only be unlocked by those who pre-ordered the game. I wish someone makes an Alex Mercer mod for the non-Radnet Edition PC version once the PC version is out.
  22. Actually if the wormhole would indeed spell trouble with Telltale, we would've already had one with Trance's release of his models. To be honest, I've seen a lot of models getting ripped from games and loaded as a part of mods into games with the modders getting any trouble from the companies who developed or legally-owned the games. They've credited the companies well and kept their mods up and active.
  23. I really can't see why Mike wouldn't allow the wormhole's release. Zero could just provide some instructions on how to edit the effects.fxp and where to put the wormhole texture to install the wormhole, which is allowed. It is his wormhole texture, after all. I'll try PM-ing him again about this.