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  1. I've tried downloading on the main link but every time it's almost done it stops and says "Network Error." Anyway then I tried the DropBox link and it said its disabled due to high activity. Just wanted to make this known to you.
  2. Any chance of a timeline update?
  3. Is this you guys? If so CONGRATS!! http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/05/08/igns-top-10-grand-theft-auto-4-mods
  4. Is this one of you guys who made this? http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/08/29/gta...k-to-the-future I keep seeing mods like this or the Crysis one getting press...can't believe I haven't seen your guys' Vice City one hyped on....I think its the best one out there!
  5. http://www.break.com/index/a-delorian-hove...r-money-2358264
  6. Just be sure you get it out before the world ends!
  7. Thanks for the helpful, non-dick answer Archer. Keep up the good work!
  8. So I understand videos are time consuming to make, so would it be possible for the Mod team to upload any new images? I just noticed the last image was uploaded in late Dec 2010 so...it's been a while.
  9. So just curious Mike, in my last post you said you might post a certain video, but it never came. Still any hope?
  10. I just noticed the last video posted of BTTF Hill Valley Vice City progress was posted over a year ago! (I'm referring to clocktower video in the videos section) Any chance the moders could be so merciful as to bestow us humble followers with a new video?
  11. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38884033/ns/te...vation/?_r=true
  12. This is one line I never understood: Marty --> "Doc I got a life in 1985, I got a girl!" Doc --> "Is she pretty?" Think he says this to go along with the deleted scene where Doc has a Playboy in his luggage? Like to show the evolution of his perversion?
  13. I thought this topic was the actual video too.....poor naming