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  1. I've tried downloading on the main link but every time it's almost done it stops and says "Network Error." Anyway then I tried the DropBox link and it said its disabled due to high activity. Just wanted to make this known to you.
  2. Any chance of a timeline update?
  3. Is this you guys? If so CONGRATS!! http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/05/08/igns-top-10-grand-theft-auto-4-mods
  4. Is this one of you guys who made this? http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/08/29/gta...k-to-the-future I keep seeing mods like this or the Crysis one getting press...can't believe I haven't seen your guys' Vice City one hyped on....I think its the best one out there!
  5. http://www.break.com/index/a-delorian-hove...r-money-2358264
  6. Just be sure you get it out before the world ends!
  7. Thanks for the helpful, non-dick answer Archer. Keep up the good work!
  8. So I understand videos are time consuming to make, so would it be possible for the Mod team to upload any new images? I just noticed the last image was uploaded in late Dec 2010 so...it's been a while.
  9. So just curious Mike, in my last post you said you might post a certain video, but it never came. Still any hope?
  10. I just noticed the last video posted of BTTF Hill Valley Vice City progress was posted over a year ago! (I'm referring to clocktower video in the videos section) Any chance the moders could be so merciful as to bestow us humble followers with a new video?
  11. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38884033/ns/te...vation/?_r=true
  12. This is one line I never understood: Marty --> "Doc I got a life in 1985, I got a girl!" Doc --> "Is she pretty?" Think he says this to go along with the deleted scene where Doc has a Playboy in his luggage? Like to show the evolution of his perversion?
  13. I thought this topic was the actual video too.....poor naming
  14. Well if you want to make it really movie accurate you should only be able to RC the BTTF 1 Del
  15. Well neither is the beeper itself
  16. I like in the tutorial how you can send a Delorean into the future by RC, get in another, and hit shift+caps and it automatically syncs your delorean to the same destination as the RC delorean. Any way this can be implemented permanently into the game?
  17. Alright you have the technology and ability to make a time machine out of any item, big or small, what would you use? Despite the simplicity of something small like a watch, I think I'd go with using a car. Specifically, I dunno, I always thought the new mustangs would fit the part well. How about you guys?
  18. Of course music needs to be changed
  19. ANYWAY back on the topic of the thread... I like the keypad entry, but I think the sounds need more work. The sound in the first video on this thread, despite it being the same tone, was still MUCH more movie accurate than the sounds in the second video. In the second video, the sound is more....uh basic than the former (if that makes sense). Sounds more like an old cell phone ring would sound compared to one today. And in general, I thought it just sounded too much like someone recorded dialing their phone. Not trying to be mean, offering constructive criticism. I vote the original sound better. People are going to type in their times so fast anyway they won't even notice. The more critical sound is that of the time being entered into the time circuits, and you guys already got that down. Either way though excited for the new feature!
  20. Now is the movie audio going to be in game, or is that only for the videos?
  21. Any chance of a non-teaser video? (besides the one of the BTTF3 push)
  22. Screw San Andreas...I say make a GTA 4 version