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  1. Yeah. Vista is really bad. Does this mod have a Mac-compatible version? I presume it doesn't....
  2. I just tried doing a full install on a second copy of the game, but that didn't work either. Please help!
  3. No. THere should be no need to either. I have run it on this exact computer in the past. I have no idea what's going on. The only other computer I have is a mac.
  4. I tried it in both... No luck.Still same thing :( :(
  5. I deleted Gta completely, re installed, and did everything you told me.Still not working. Loads about 50 percent, makes a noise, and then I get a notice saying "Gta has stopped working". Please help. I've had this issue in the past. I just can not recall how I fixed it!
  6. I'm on vista. Should it work the same way? By the way, thanks for all of the friendly help.
  7. Should I just reinstall the game and the mod?
  8. Still didn't work after I turned DEP off. What's going on? It loads about 70 percent, then crashes.
  9. Deleted the set file but still not luck. Somebody has to know how to fix this. People have had the same issue.
  10. Please help. I have no idea what I did the last time, but I was having the same issue and it was fixed. I cannot go back into my old post and see what the solution was because the forums were reset.
  11. I cannot find where the .set file or how to turn off data execution prevention. Sorry, I don't have too much experience in this field.
  12. Vice city. Thanks for the speedy response. I had this issue about three years ago, and just reinstalled the game and mod. I don't recall what I did three years ago to fix it though. Please help!
  13. Hello, I downloaded the mod and everything worked, but when I click on 'new game', it loads about halfway then crashes. Please help! I was so excited to play this! Thanks!