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  1. http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...56&orderBy= I think you should use this ;)
  2. It was in the movie but in BTTF1 Voted: BTTF2
  3. Ghostbusters 2: The Video Game, aka Ghostbusters 4, is wanted by the developer of what we call Ghostbusters 3 (aka, the first video game, since a 3rd movie will likely never happen anyway, so it is essentially Ghostbusters 3) according to a new interview with Terminal Reality. The first game, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, has sold over a million copies and the developer would love to have a new videogame release to correspond with the upcoming 3rd movie if that movie ever happens. But hopefully they’ll consider doing another videogame regardless. To quote from an interview with GameSpot, “It took us years to build the physics into the game of how one of those proton beams might hit a wooden table and just cut it in half, with one-half actually falling away from the other–and then one of the characters could actually interact with the destroyed object. It is great to realize that if they are thinking of rebooting Ghostbusters, of handing off the torch from the old guard to the new for a new Ghostbusters, that the success of the game definitely had something to do with green-lighting that project. And you can bet that if that movie were to come out, we’d just love to do another Ghostbusters game based on it.” – Terminal Reality cofounder and president Mark Randel
  4. Ziero do you have "Ghostbusters: the Video game"? I like that game. You really fell like you help the ghostbusters there.
  5. Microman, how did you get in space with Iron man? that freakin cool!
  6. Hmm... Then make the time smaller like 1-3 minutes... Don't try to change the game time... Try to change your feature time good luck
  7. Yep... I downloaded some saved games... but they don't work with the BTTF mod can you help me?
  8. OMG!!!!! I want to know how you made to use the saved game??? I can't use it with gta sa bttf mod and your cleos so can you tell me?
  9. The Videos are brilliant!!! Can't wait for em even if they are in 0.6 Anyway hope 0.2f comes soon... i am bored of 0.2e
  10. Um... Guys can you make a big portal like this: This will be awesome Thanks
  11. Zero, what skin do you use for your player and where can i download it? it's cool
  12. OMG!!! Freakin' EPIC!!! Can't wait for v2... keep going!!!
  13. Wow, now i see that the laptops do really have num keys by holding Fn (function) button and a specific button but i successfully changed the keys . Thanks mini-me
  14. I don't understand 0x73 is the code and which is Hex, which is Decimal? Or is The 0AB0 important? If it is which is hex and which is decimal...