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    shoes... ooh i love shoes i have so many !! and i like clothes i have so many cute outfits im always buying new clothes and shoes that look cute

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  1. Happy Birthday Ashley+

  2. happy birthday ash :(

  3. no... i prefer 7 you never asked if i like it , i use it because it's cool looking , i'd be happy without a pc i really don't care , caz i'm not n3rdy like some of u
  4. works fine on ubuntu for me
  5. umm because all it is is a youtube phisher nobody is forcing you to sign into the fake site u do it
  6. hey look its washington reincarnated
  7. pictures /videos plzz
  8. Ashley+

    E3 2010

    lolz i wanna take pics but only press are allowed to bring cameras
  9. Ashley+

    E3 2010

    i'm a volenteer at the expo for setup so i get to watch as long as i dont get in the way lol