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  1. no... i prefer 7 you never asked if i like it , i use it because it's cool looking , i'd be happy without a pc i really don't care , caz i'm not n3rdy like some of u
  2. works fine on ubuntu for me
  3. pictures /videos plzz
  4. i wanna know how much gas was in the car, cause even ripping the fuel line doesnt mean its all gone, there is a tank u know
  5. you do realise trash has always been around, meat,vegetables,etc
  6. well i'm used to the stretched delorean
  7. oh come on grim just cause you give someone with limited experience on making games a bunch of money doesn't mean its gonna be great
  8. Don't you mean borrowing? and why is the delorean so fat?
  9. spm was removed i suppose if we ever got working flying models the spm mode could be coded into that
  10. really cause i drew a cat on my vice city screen....
  11. and for this i give you 1$ for your death star fund
  12. i edited the pedstats on vc once where if you hit them they run far away so what about making explosions harmful?
  13. I agree with ewj, he's always got something interesting and cool to say about his theory's ^^ , i guess thats what makes him so fun XD