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  1. 007

    Better Hill Valley

    yeah the coolest 2 i forgot the rule of not putting other peoples things in i put in the generic from the models folder that had better roads and i put that in. if its ok with mike could i take that out and upload it again?? and the coolist2 have u got that guide on how to make KARR
  2. 007

    Better Hill Valley

    why is the link removed??
  3. This adds a couple more things to hill valley like glass on building police/fire stations and a few other things. To get there on the way instead of going on the black road go right to the billboards heres the *** URL removed *** there will be another release soon
  4. change the kitt codes to police cars and replace models
  5. create a FREE website with WEBS google search
  6. could thecoolest2 make a tutorial for making KARR and upload just the sounds
  7. ok just thought that would help
  8. hey you know thats theres a KARR Model For VC It Might Help Heres TheLink
  9. u could get the original but that would take some codeing
  10. Hey RG How do u get that taskbar thing up top is it only for Windows7 or can i get it for vista
  11. 007

    VC Cleo?

    We no that we saw it yesterday
  12. last week i found a mod that converts some of the VCS stuff for VC So i got all the cars in the VCS mod 0.2e dosent replace and put them in game and they look so better the the original cars so heres the link enjoy
  13. u mean SPM i tried to put it in and failed because the TC disapered and some of the time i couldnt get back to normal mode but if u want it use the normal KITT code