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  1. Why do you have negative numbers on the quantity of "post"?

  2. Just a question, but lets say your in the Part 1 Delorean in a future version of the mod, and you use you last bit of fuel to go to 1885. How would you go get back to 1985 without Mr.Fusion, with no lightning, and no Plutonieum? (Don't comment on how I spelled Plutonieum.)
  3. Yes, but it's still a rip off, and ripping off from me shows that someone is despreate.
  4. Total rip off, I once had a idea in an old post called The Doc Brown Cronicles, never did it in the end, but still a rip off of the name.
  5. Hey, when 0.4 comes out with 1985, are you going to be using some old Vice City models in it. You know since VC and 1985 are in the same time period.
  6. That the thing, every time we get these darn requests and the answer is always "can't because we need VC coding space", I truly understand that, and why you do it in Vice City, but eventually your not going to be able to finish the mod with these coding space problems. I know that San Andreas has more coding space, Vice City doesn't. Yet still, you guys stay in San Andreas, San Andreas has more possibilities, you should just move the whole mod to San Andreas. Then again, this is my opinion, but most fan's think it's a good one too.
  7. Well, I've decided to wait, yes I'm serious I'll wait. Well, now just wondering, how did yo put it in the game, I mean what tools.
  8. Okay, just is that the man in the video said it won't be released, if it will be released make sure you have Marty. http://www.gtagaming.com/images/mods/12334...FMARTYMCFLY.jpg
  9. Well, still he gets it but we don't. I believe it was allowed by the author to be converted to GTA IV for fans, not for the enjoyment of high forum members who are most liked.
  10. How'd he get it, and he says someone here gave it to him, so people who are friends get it, but adoring fans don't. If I'm correct the reason it was converted was because people asked the Cyrsis Deloreran to be converted to GTA IV. The Video shows it done, and now only people like him can have it. Unfair, that's what I say.
  11. I didn't know there was a Dragon Queen. I wonder if you can put Doc Brown to replace Niko, there's already a mod by BTTF29 that has a Marty Ped and can be played with Player Selector, wonder if we can get a Doc Brown to do it as well.
  12. Maybe we could have it as feature you can turn off. Basically when you turn a Delorean into a Part 1 TM, the Dying feature is enabled, then you can repair it and the feature is removed. So if people want to worry about it they can, and if people don't they don't have to, thus we can also make it more frequent.
  13. I thought it might be camera movement, up until I noticed how his face was like when he did it, he is definitely a Perverse Dwarf.
  14. What about this, make it 5% more frequent which in it self is not much, just that it's at least may actually happen. But now if you exit the car and get back in, there's also a chance it might die. Since Marty got out of the car to add the hook when it died. But make the die after exit and entering the car more frequent then the Time Travel on since not many people might get out of the car. Also since the car died more in the movie when Marty Exited and Entered the Car then when it did by Time Travel.