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  1. I was wondering too, didn't hear that much in the last few years. I mean sure, everyone has a social life as well, but at least that should be no reason for leaving us in the dark about it
  2. Which is standing right on the download page
  3. well, it's been over a year, since that update had been promised to us now .... any status updates so far?
  4. HELLO? ANYBODY HOME? THINK, FLUX CAPACITOR, THINK! If it was possible, don't you think it'd have been implemented already?!?
  5. there are 12 fuels in the box (1 is already empty since it was used for the experiment with Einstein) ;-)
  6. after installing the orange background light for the "empty" sign is not in the same position as the word "empty" which is at the correct screen position. i'm yet not sure if there's the same problem with the "err" sign, but if it is, I'll let you know right here. by editing this post. Edit: alright, the green "err" light appears right underneath the orange one while the orange one blinks three times.
  7. when you do a time travel with the time train after installing the update, it reenters into time at about 40 MPH instead of the usual 88.
  8. it wasn't in 0.2e already to be precise.
  9. Funny coincidence that you mention that, Mike .... I thought I had seen all of its versions in-game
  10. yeah, wasn't rushing it out a little too early a 0.2e problem as well
  11. didn't try it out yet, I can't say that right now. EDIT: tried it out and the game doesn't crash any longer when you use the rocket launcher to blow up the time train.
  12. when the train is inside the house, just shoot it with the minigun (the rocket launcher causes a game crash) and it will respawn on the roof.
  13. it doesn't work on Win8 64 bit (I know since I use that system), but it might work on Win 8 32 bit, not sure about that
  14. time 2 b closed, it starts getting annoying.
  15. Hi everyone, I know, the last 5 years have been very , but hey, Mike said, it'll be released this year, so keep your beer cold, we'll soon have a reason to
  16. nope. MJF and the others were filmed in a bluebox in those scenes.
  17. That only means that they TRY TO finish it until then. If it's NOT finished, it'll be released LATER! Damn, even a kid could understand that phrase
  18. :uhuh: :uhuh: :uhuh: :uhuh: To be closed anyway since this "problem" is solved already.
  19. @kRay57: do NOT quote the whole post above your own!