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  1. I alreay know how to open the time circuits with the plus key, the problem is that I can't edit the time with the numb pad keys or the alternative number keys. I do get a sound effect every time I press a number key, as if im actually editing the time, but nothing changes on the screen. Is this some kind of bug? And I still haven't found a way to start the tutorial. In version 0.2e it startet automatically when you got into the game, with version 0.2f it doesn't. Is there a key I need to press or a place I have to go to to start the tutorial, if there even still is one in the mod?
  2. I've just downloaded the latest version of the hill valley mod and I can't edit the time on the time circuit. It has been a while since I had this mod installed, so the latest version I played with was version 'e' and that one was a lot more buggy, but did work, the new one doesn't. Am I doing something wrong here. Is there still a way to do a tutorial or was that removed in version f?