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  1. 2 Years...

    zzzz... back to the future part 2 2015 date is Oct 21 anyone who has seen those movies as many times as i have would know and understand the logic but 7 years is a long time to wait for a mod of an even older game I feel like Rip Van Winkle ...Zzzzxxx
  2. 2 Years...

    Zzzzzzzzz Holy crap For a minute i thought I heard someone say there will be a release date this year . Hell as in the past i will wait and see but for now.. . ZZzzzzzzz
  3. Star Wars Tatooine v.0.1

    Stexturer....I understand that you are 12,..My 10 year old daughter is more creative than you, Normally i do not comment but man (and i am trying my best to remain PG) take some art classes or get your parents get you to an eye doctor because what i have seen from you... just sucks
  4. Good point,.. but at the same time it should peak ones interest as its the first Licensed BTTF game to possibly succeed at doing the licence justice,.. and not suck as much as the old nes BTTF games
  5. As a person who primarily plays RPG,s (Final Fantasy etc) i like games with a good storyline, i like the fact that the storyline in this game takes place 6 months after the movies and at least it will be better than the Back to the Future games of the past .. i also enjoy playing the mod, I say just enjoy the game , to me the story is the most interesting part