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  1. ak907bttffan

    Delorean is Back

    Is there a download link for this specific mod????
  2. ak907bttffan


    when will this be added to the game??
  3. Recent pictures! Still working out a few things to it and I'll just see about making a tutorial
  4. If that Lego time machine actually works to time travel, i would shrink myself to go back in time to when the project first started and instruct my past self how to build it, it would have save me half the time in the end of building it, it was worth it by a mile
  5. Already got 6 Time Machines, 3 plutonium and 3 Mr. Fusions
  6. I already tried, it made the dimension of the gull wing doors and the car itself out of whack so left it the way it is
  7. Thanks!! Here are the updated images of the Lego DeLorean Time Machine I promised everyone, sorry it's been so long since i had a million of other things to do with my life LOL Petition Lego BTTF DeLorean I hope that link works, if not, i will upload pictures here instead Enjoy!
  8. Well Grim........how would you explain if aluminum can't be use in Mr. Fusion as in non-biodegradable, but Doc pour the Miller Lite and threw the can in the Mr. Fusion at the end of BTTF 1 and beginning BTTF 2? just wondering.....
  9. I just watch that Season 3 episode 14 on youtube and it comes up titled "So totally spaced out" what th- *boom*?!
  10. By chance know what season and what episode was that? I would like to find it and save it
  11. I believe that the Mr. Fusion was designed (supposedly since it is not invented yet) was to dissolve garbage's that are bio-degradable, thus recycling such as plastic, thrown out food, of course beer and etc. but in a way i somewhat understand about rocks, since it contains minerals and etc. As they way I see it, everyone has their own opinion
  12. LOL That might make the time machine look bad LOL Doing that, it just makes it work like a meat grinder! I guess for a start would be the head, then what would you do with the rest of the body if it fills up the mr. fusion with one head?
  13. I don't think there is any fuel mod, I'm sure they removed the fuel to improve stability of the game or something else
  14. damn i guess i was one if the lucky few that got to download it before it locked up
  15. :roll: :roll: i'm sorry, but i just can't picture putting handful of rocks into mister fusion and dont think it's possible
  16. 1/10 scale lego delorean time machine
  17. I am currently adding few parts and scaling the details a bit more, so keep a sharp eye out for updates!