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  1. But it will chance the future. Then that guy will become citizen that guy.
  2. I think they have to get another delorean because the front is broken like s*it but i think that doc can get plutonium somewhere.
  3. what the fuch? now steam says ep 3 out march 2011 again EDIT: now it says its out
  4. i think you should use after effects for that special time travel effect
  5. i think i will do it to with vegas pro 9
  6. i did bttf 1 ending and bttf 3 ending i have only recorded the train one i can give you the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttYdYXz-WkM
  7. the delorean is yes too damn fast in the mod
  8. how i can make them bmp file if i download the skins here there is no bmp