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  1. http://www.lemondrop.com/2010/05/05/propos...o-the-future%2F COOL!!!
  2. Being an old member when this was all in the BETA stage I always knew that this day would come. Even though im not online most of the time and never post comments most of the time(just look at my Member no. and posts) but still I always check up on this site everyday waiting for something new to happen. It's just sad to see this mod fade away. MABUHAY!!(LONG LIVE!!) Back To The Future...
  3. But why did Gregory got inside? Stan - "What's the Password?" Gregory - "I don't know" Kyle - "Guess" Gregory - "ummm.. Bacon" Kyle - "okay" hahahaha Trey Parker RuleZZZ!!! and that other guy...
  4. Actually the back of the disk is really clean. there are scratches but sometimes there are really not visible
  5. So there's no way of fixing it?
  6. I tried to copy some files from a Disk and somehow this message pops up and says "Cyclyc Redundancy Check" or something. Can anybody help?
  7. hahaha it's lke then :| PEROIOD hahahaha
  8. linc69


    Same with Saiyaman
  9. linc69

    Canon Rock

    oh okay. and btw They're Christian LOL