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  1. Thanks! I made the map, and of course its the normal RR del. The avy was made of DK's fiddleing with my map. ;)

  2. Trance! Your avatar is amazing! Where did you get the map and Locomotive!

    Nice to see you're still here, I've been away for a long, long time :D

  3. I haven't heard such an nice idea in times Zero, you're a genius.
  4. Uhm, What did you actually coded? I already know all the actions in your Youtube video from the Knight Rider San Andreas mod.
  5. If I'm terribly honest, This post looks like s**t. I mean, if he's sirious he wouldn't use words like "And stuff", I wouldn't use that in a requests like these. AND LEARN TO USE POINTS AFTER YOUR SENTENCES! IS IT SO HARD TO PUSH 1 MORE BUTTON? "so say what you would like to have in the next release and i try to make it" - You can't create a whole new edition of the mod just as a coder. Coders know that I guess...
  6. I actually hate whole Nintendo Inc.
  7. Yep. I really like your 2015 Hill Valley map, but i don't want to change san andreas in a south park kinda scene.
  8. ahh now i understand :P i forgot about my comment

  9. what do you mean you had a day off.... and yes i am aware of the games

  10. I kinda like the first ''Flying'' map better, cause i doesn't change the rest of the environment.
  11. i had a day off :P. by the way, do you know the PSX game Driver 1 and 2 ?

  12. i ordered a pizza last week where were you!

  13. well i don't really recognize the basic map you used to make 2015 hill valley, except for the courthouse. And i am interested, but take the time! don't finish it fast 'cause of me .
  14. @ Mike: The '55 Hill valley map wasn't made by just 1 person. Trance's map is totally different, except for the Courthouse, which is also changed by trance. I think Trance's 2015 map (v1) looks better then the '55 map (v1).
  15. if you have PSN please add you id! thx! EDIT: by the way microman, what's your favorite beatles track? mine is ''Here comes the sun'' and ''Let it be''