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  1. Thanks! I made the map, and of course its the normal RR del. The avy was made of DK's fiddleing with my map. ;)

  2. Trance! Your avatar is amazing! Where did you get the map and Locomotive!

    Nice to see you're still here, I've been away for a long, long time :D

  3. I haven't heard such an nice idea in times Zero, you're a genius.
  4. Uhm, What did you actually coded? I already know all the actions in your Youtube video from the Knight Rider San Andreas mod.
  5. If I'm terribly honest, This post looks like s**t. I mean, if he's sirious he wouldn't use words like "And stuff", I wouldn't use that in a requests like these. AND LEARN TO USE POINTS AFTER YOUR SENTENCES! IS IT SO HARD TO PUSH 1 MORE BUTTON? "so say what you would like to have in the next release and i try to make it" - You can't create a whole new edition of the mod just as a coder. Coders know that I guess...
  6. Yep. I really like your 2015 Hill Valley map, but i don't want to change san andreas in a south park kinda scene.
  7. ahh now i understand :P i forgot about my comment

  8. what do you mean you had a day off.... and yes i am aware of the games

  9. I kinda like the first ''Flying'' map better, cause i doesn't change the rest of the environment.
  10. i had a day off :P. by the way, do you know the PSX game Driver 1 and 2 ?

  11. i ordered a pizza last week where were you!

  12. well i don't really recognize the basic map you used to make 2015 hill valley, except for the courthouse. And i am interested, but take the time! don't finish it fast 'cause of me .
  13. @ Mike: The '55 Hill valley map wasn't made by just 1 person. Trance's map is totally different, except for the Courthouse, which is also changed by trance. I think Trance's 2015 map (v1) looks better then the '55 map (v1).
  14. how did you get your delorean in normal silver? If i install i get an almost white delorean. Ow and by the way, maybe you should think of an other place to put 2015 in. Hill valley looks nice, but the other models look way too basic. Not that i could do better .
  15. But if you do this, you'll probaly get overflooded streets.