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  1. I'm downloading right now and looking forward to it.
  2. iMaster, may i ask where you found those because those are pretty cool
  3. Hmm coincidence mabye Be brilliant if it is a new Delorean. EDIT- Blue posted before me so it seems as though we have our answer
  4. Probably a time travelling Cat!!! Lol
  5. Wow what a April fools keep up the good work and i can not wait for that screenshot
  6. Hmm didn't know where to put this and probably been asked before but will 0.2f have the option for the high poly cars or have they been removed?
  7. 1985


    Hmm intresting question
  8. 1985


    ooooooh imagine that an entire city time traveling at once.
  9. I pick the second because of the bit where Marty and Doc escape off the roof. That part just wins me over.
  10. 1985


    Whoa. One big wormhole.
  11. I would have it like iron mans suit aswell Now that would be cool
  12. I was wondering when the mod was started oh and i remember watching my first Back To The Future movie when i was about 8 with my dad and i loved every second of it.
  13. It looks as though that is the best we can get.
  14. Lol. Maby replace him with Biff to suit the style.
  15. It will keep me entertained at least. Aww crap i hit about 20 CJ's with the del and all of the them ended up draging me out of it and killing me oh well that will teach me not to mess with a bunch of angry CJ's.