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  1. i agree its shown in bttf 1 that the it needs to be rufeled if your drving for a while or time tavel but they probaly wont put it in the game. but it is a good idea for 0.2G
  2. then how did they do theAlliance isnt that movie related to bttf?
  3. hi its me again i thing you should add fuel for the bttf 3 and bttf3 rr and regular cars. oh and could you make it possible for a delorean to spawn if you lose yours in hill valley? and i know this isnt movie accurate put plz put a gold delorean and time machine in 0.2f.
  4. In 0.2f i want to see real bttf1 delorean time travel the effects only happen when you hit 88 when you filt up time travel real effects like the movie real bttf 3 and real bttf 3 rr efects and 1885 hill valley make it because all it was was dirt and that little place or bar marty went to and i dont know if somebody said this before but traintrack woould be good and player skins like mary,doc,biff,griff,clara,jules,verne,oldbiff,1985,biff,1955george,1985george,19 55loraine,1985loranerane,2015lorane,1985 george and when your playing the guitar at the dance you can you the i cant take it anymore cheat except he doest fall back.ps; this is my first topic and im 10 years old