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Status Updates posted by ~Leaf~

  1. Button's mom has got it goin on

  2. If you can see right through this letter. Then all the tears are clearly shown. I guess it must be for the better. But I just thought I'd let you know

  3. I'm not a filly fooler, I'm as straight as a line, well...except when I was with twilight that one time...

  4. I thought you were bringing pie! you lied to meeeee

  5. forgot to take my pills again....

    1. Thyncho88


      me too...

      I hope it does not matter what happened to me the other day

    2. ~Leaf~


      actually we probably shouldnt talk about that haha

  6. happy birthday ash :(

  7. pure comunism.....

  8. the reason you have not seen progress is because there was nothing to see, as of recently we have begun getting some features into the new engine that were not in the previous one.

  9. kocher we dont ask for fans...

  10. Not sure how much help I would be with that.

  11. happy birthday

  12. hey ash , keep a low profile here , Brandon, Andrew,Ziero and I will keep an eye on you.

  13. happy birth day

  14. Happy birthday!

  15. happy b-day adam

  16. good to see you back and better then ever.

    1. ~Leaf~


      i'd like to point out this status was made before the rainbow rocks song better than ever

  17. happy b-day brandon

  18. Right you work for sega, If you actually did, then you'd be bringing back sonic x .... but even if you do work for sega your probably just a janitor...