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  1. Mark

    Scream 4

    Me! I love Scream. By 3 main is that Neve Campbel, Courteney Cox and David Arquete? I hope it has David Arquette back as Dewey, I love that guy!
  2. IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey? I haven't played it myself but I have played IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 and I really enjoyed that. It definitely ticks the 'dogfighting' box. I'm not sure how similar it is though, since BOP is for consoles and 1946 is for PC.
  3. I went to the first showing at my local cinema and it was great seeing it on the big screen. There wasn't too many people there though, a lot less than I expected. I still enjoyed myself and it was the best film I have seen at the cinema in a long time.
  4. I liked it. Do you just 'go with the flow' and play what you think of? Sorry, I don't know much about guitar playing, or music at all for that matter, but I do think that sounded great.
  5. Exactly what Mini-Me said. This has been fixed for the next release.
  6. Mark

    Need feedback

    I liked it too. So your computer broke and you decided to make a MacBook out of Lego. You threw something that hit the power button and it ended up turning on, so you thought you could make a working Iron Man Suit. That's what I understood anyway.
  7. RG, you're correct. The rules and regulations can be found here if anybody needs to check them.
  8. I'm going to try that. Sorry, that was a typo, I meant the replay button (F1).
  9. The Skateboard works in the same way as the Hoverboard: There are 3 different models, with Marty's Skateboard being the base model and the 1955 Skateboards added as extras. All 3 do appear separately but Marty's Skateboard is always there and it can be seen when the vehicle is stationary since it tilts, just like the Hoverboard. Maybe there used to be a glitch where all 3 show at the same time, I don't know, but they all work now: I just tried that, pretty cool. It makes vehicles change to a different extra. If you find a Hoverboard or Skateboard and it isn't the one you want you can just press the replay button until it changes to suit you
  10. Yeah, I think when you spawn a vehicle it is always the same in terms of extras no matter how many times you spawn it. When I was testing the hoverboard I always got Griff's Pit Bull when I spawned it. Like Deloreanbttf said, you will need to find one parked somewhere in the year 2010 or above, since they spawn with different extras so you'll find the different hoverboards. I think Deloreanbttf was talking about the one that spawns beside the Hotel Harrison in Washington Beach, so you can get one from there:
  11. I just finished testing the hoverboard in-game and all 6 do show somewhat separately. Marty's pink hoverboard is always there as it is the base model, the other 5 appear separately as extras and cover up Marty's so it looks like there is just 1 - a way to have 6 hoverboards while only using 1 vehicle slot. You can still see it when you are stationary though, since the player tilts the vehicle to the side and the overlap becomes visible: So maybe there used to be a glitch but they all definitely work now: It is just another hoverboard model, like Marty's pink hoverboard but without the pattern on it. It was only bright green in that quick render because I didn't add the texture for it. In the game it appears in 5 different colours: blue, green, purple, red and yellow (shown in the fourth picture).
  12. A quick shot of the faggio.dff shows that there is 6 hoverboard models, Marty's hoverboard and then the 5 others added as extras. I'm not sure if you separately see all 6 hoverboards in-game though, someone who has checked would need to confirm it.
  13. SPOILER: Cobb woke up back on the plane so I think he stayed in limbo to find Saito to tell him that the world wasn't real, since he couldn't do anything without Saito because he needed him to make the call, so he wouldn't be arrested after landing. I had to think about that