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  1. I call no fair! I have been a diligent member of the forums going on 2 years now... I have put up with people who don't know what they're talking about and non helpful advice from people who did...I have put so many hours into learning how to do this stuff that you guys are doing because I believed that this could be Frakking amazing!!! Shenanigans Goddamnit!!! Shenanigans!!! Please say it's just shenanigans... You guys made me decide what I wanted to with my life... I want to be a graphic designer... I'm taking 5 classes to learn this stuff... And that's just the 3D work... I haven't even gotten into coding or texturing... I call not fair. And that's all I gotta say about it...
  2. God I loved that series... I miss it so... I wish I had a timer... A real one...
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    I think I added everybody. I'm David M. Kennedy-Farner... So add me!!!
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  5. These sure are nifty... I'm adding those last 2... More accurate that way...
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    Shout thread

    Maybe this has been addressed somewhere. But can somebody explain why the shoutbox, the home page, and the time circuits aren't up?
  7. As nice as that all is, I just think it would looker with the steam... And if you remember, after having completed the ride mission a few times, all the Dels get Location Circuits. So which part of the code do I copy paste to make it the way I'd like it...
  8. I know you are strictly against the idea of paradox, but as i was saying, yeah you can really f**k with time and do almost anything but if ever there was a way to cause a paradox killing the inventor of time travel before he invented it by time traveling to that time, that'd be the way to do it... And I get why it works this way, but since we're on the subject of time travel being possible, i thought i'd bring up what's bugging me. Somebody could say time travel could be possible in the next 50 years. But then somebody else could argue, if it will where is the evidence of it's invention? Certianly if somebody will invent Time travel they'd come back in time in change things... And then another person could argue that since we;re not the ones time traveling, we wouldn't notice any of the effects of someone time traveling because we moving naturally along the time stream. Or somebody could argue that the reason we don't see anything happening is because time travel hasn't been invented yet and therefore what happens with the time traveler couldn't effect the past because you never know what the future might hold. Time travel has to be actually be being used in the present to noticeably affect the past. But then someone might argue that this worlds time stream is set with or without time travel and what will happen has already happened and we just don't notice it because the world changed and we changed with it. Of course then you start getting into parallel universe theory, where for every decision we make splinters another universe into creation and because of this one could argue that every universe has it's own destiny because no two universes can be the same. So what happens here is what was always meant to happen and will be always happen the way it is going to. Therefore, if Time travel is possible within the next 50 years, then an opposing idea to the ones above is that there could time travelers all around us messing with time already but we don't notice them because what the do is already part of this universe's future and past and present and any changes that are made were supposed to be made. And us, moving along with the time stream at a normal pace don't feel any changes because it is changed around us and with us... Sorry for the rant, but it helps to get things out of my head occasionally... you know?
  9. Did you not listen, if there was ever a way to cause a paradox, time traveling to kill the inventor of time travel would be it.
  10. Actually, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed this, but some where in the end of time, i forget where. David Tennant was lying on his back and his left chest pocket flipped up, the flap, that pocket is fake. It is just a flap stitched onto his suit jacket. It made me sad. Then again, the whole thing had to be a cheap costume, can you imagine if he did everything hie does in an actual suit. The cost would be huge!!! Still, it bothered me...
  11. it would amazing if we could time travel. But think about it, if humans gained access to time travel, we would destroy ourselves. No matter how durable the fabric of time is, we would be going back to save all of our loved ones. constantly going back to change what was wrong with the world so it would make us happier in the present. But think about this. I go back to save my granddad from being killed in WW2. and because he lived, all the people he would have killed in the war would've lived too. And they would kill others. And then those peoples families would go back and try to fix it so their relatives didn't die, further screwing up time, or even possibly interfering with what I had done to save my grandfather. We would have a Civil Time War. people going fighting amongst each other all while trying to save their loved ones.The entire fabric of time would be in turmoil. People would be dying, and them brought back to life, only to be killed in more gruesome ways. And if the general public didn't have it, who would? And who's to say the person who created would be responsible with it? Doc Brown? Him I'd trust. The Doctor? Him too. The government? Hell No... Doesn't matter what country you're from. You government has the ability to time travel and we're all screwed. No way they'd use it responsibly. Some dude building it in his garage in bumf**k ohio? Probably not him either. Humans are too self involved to be trusted with Time travel. It'd only be after we'd f**ked things up beyond repair that we would be like, "Oh crap, maybe I shouldn't have done that. We need to regulate this thing." And on the subject of God, doesn't matter what religion you are, the only reason he/she/it/them would let us have time travel was if he was gonna use it as a test like the apple tree in the garden of eden. And guess what? WE'D FAIL MISERABLY!!! It's not our fault necessarily, it's how we're built. Curiousity killed the Human, you know what I mean. We can't help ourselves. And now I'm done ranting. continue with your poll.
  12. Yu guys have seen my vid right? Where I time traveled at like 150 mph? Here it is anyway... Just skip to 1:14 to get to the good part...
  13. Rewind time so I was myself at the age of 18 and redo College from the beginning... Without f***ing up...
  14. Thanks Mike, I'll try that... For a while there I thought maybe it was because it wasn't the right OS. I'm using Vista so after it didn't work the first time I tried making it run with XP compatability Still didn't work. I'll try that though...
  15. I know... I just so excited for all the new stuff, then get mad it wont happen for a while...
  16. Couldn't believe my eyes... Got goosebumps and nearly Shat bricks... Epic my friends... Can't wait for 2f Only problem I have is the very end. the, "Coming Soon"... Always infuriates me when you say that. cause with you guys, that could next month, or next July... Anyway, Always excited for updates. especially number time circuit entry.
  17. Huh? I have no idea what you just said... I did everything by the book. GTA was uninstalled from a previous load, when i needed more hard drive space. I then reinstalled the game from scratch. And immediately installed the mod from the release version 2. It worked fine, until i drove out of Vercetti mansion in the Delorean for the tutorial mission. Since then, it wont even get to the Loading bar. I have not done anything to edit the mod as of yet. I posted the Install Log in the above post. Can anyone help me?
  18. well it's not like Harry Potter apparating where you vanish from one spot leaving a void to be filled and then appear somewhere else pushing the air out of the way... Jumper teleporting is more like Portal. You make the portals, and go through with the problem being gravity if you pop out at a funny angle. If you teleport in Jumper, no matter what speed you going at, no matter which direction you're facing you a portal grows over your your body the ends being in two places, where you are and where you're going. that immediately vanishes upon your arrival. In the book as well, if he's falling to earth, he can jump going 100 mph, and pop out going 0. It's slightly unrealistic, but, it's still cool...
  19. I've posted my install log here. It still didn't work after a fresh install...
  20. Well, yeah, sorry i didn't explain further... Remember that thread I made a while back that everyone said was dumb? In which I explained that the plasma venting off the tires that creates the fires trails could possibly be the thing that links the car to the earth so despite the earth's revolution around the sun, the fire trails link it to the same physical items that it is touching at any one moment. Which is why, except for the very first Time travel experience, the fire trails follow wherever the car goes in the first few seconds after traveling. The best example of this is the Lightning run. so it will appear at exactly the same x, y, and z axis in relation to where the earth is at any one point in time and space.
  21. What do you think is wrong with mine? It worked the first time, crashed as i drove the del out for the Tutorial mission, and ever since thin, i can't get it to the load screen after i hit start new game.
  22. I think his big thing Angelo, is the same as the Tree thing mentioned earlier. If the train rails were taller in the future, his wheels would materialize partway inside the rails themselves, merging the two objects. And the other problem is that if you do that in the Delorean, at 88 mph, you're in trouble. That's a big problem. I know in certain things, like The Time Machine you are technically outside the normal dimensions of space and time, but given that the Delorean's travel is instantaneous, and in THE EXACT SPACE IT LEFT, just not the same time, that causes trouble.
  23. Well that's not what i was talking about. I was talking about the book. The movie took a lot of liberties. No such thing as a Paladin in the books. Just a regular FBI agent chasing after him... In the movie, he kind of imploded and exploded to normal somewhere else. In the book a portal appeared in the outline of his body directly in front of him and moved over him then closed behind him. And the whole thing was almost instantaneous. and the only disturbance was the fact that you blinked and he could be gone... So no air was disturbed except when he "jumped" his girlfriends apartment... That did happen in the book. And id damn near killed him.
  24. I don't know what the problem is with my computer. I installed VC with the radio stations, so I wouldn't have to use the disc, although I kept in the machine just in case. And then I installed the full mod using your second release package. I restarted my comp so everything would be cool. And then i clicked on the icon. The game loaded all the way to the menu, and then I clicked "New Game". And the gamed started. I let it go to tutorial mission. And ran over to the Del. Got in, drove down to the street. Got maybe halfway to the bridge to the mainland, and the game crashed. And now everytime I try to play it crashes right after i click "New Game". What do I do? And keep in mind, I have never had any major problems with the game before on this comp, which is a Lenovo laptop with Vista, 2 GB of RAM. and a celeron processor.