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  1. Just do a google search, and get the standard GTA 3/VC tools. Then look in the audio list thread for what you need. Very little of the mods sounds are in VC's car audio. It's mainly the Delorean Door's and engine noise. Everything else is external MP3/WAV files.
  2. Most of the video footage is from the waiting line monitors, which is only in SD. I guess they just didn't bother getting the film master for the Ride screen portions. And said screw it. Yes it does. HD is just a certain amount of pixels. The aspect ratio doesn't determine something is HD or not. 4:3 HD is just 1440X1080 resolution.
  3. The full screen version is really not what you're suppose to see. That was just to accommodate TV screens of the era. It was either this, or they pan and scan. The widescreen version is how it's suppose to be. No one is going to do a transfer of the unmatted frame, in HD. The only film ever gave you both options is the animated Transformers movie.
  4. GTA V will eventually be able to do this. There is already mod stuff being done that's cool. Plus, the map editor built into the game. It can make it easier for the map to be assembled. All the objects and houses can be built then use the in game editor for placement and cloning.
  5. Yes, and no. It's in a deleted scene only.
  6. Not if that game is called Kingdom Hearts 3.
  7. I do know that the square is complete. I have no idea what's happening after that though.
  8. It's so weird seeing it bare. But Getting it all fixed up will be great.
  9. People who want .2f, not really good idea. There's a reason it isn't out. It crashed a lot.
  10. Yes. That was the purpose. But everyone just yelled that it crashed all the time.
  11. I think one of the main issues was that. When 0.2e came out, A huge amount of people got upset that it was riddled with so many bugs. Maybe everyone was like "We can't do this ever again." So no matter how much is done. There can't be any issues ANYWHERE. I didn't like seeing 0.2e having so many bugs. Bugs that made no sense mind you. I was testing errors and crap for 2 weeks. intentionally time traveling in places that would cause crashing. Spawning the car, time traveling. Blowing up the car with trainers. You name it. The problem was I had a better PC then most. So a lot of times the crashing was caused by a crappier PC.
  12. It's one thing to have a layout. It's another to assemble a working town.
  13. I honestly don't know much. I'm the sound guy after all. The lowest important person. But Yeah. The map is what is taking forever. There's like 3 people dealing with the models.
  14. There was a photo update on our facebook page not too long ago. https://www.facebook.com/bttf.hill.valley
  15. Who knows. Maybe will get lucky and GTAV won't suck ass in the mod department. But I doubt it.
  16. Wait you want us to put it on steam? That would require us to buy a License from Universal to do that. Does Steam even allow mods in the shops store like that (free I mean)? Whole different game? What game, what engine? Port all the work to another engine that won't be using the same sound, particle setup etc. The models could be moved. But all the mod game code can't just go BOOM works. I don't deal with VC game code. But can it be converted to Python, C++, or whatever that engine does? Again, what game/engine would satisfy the HV mode. I seriously would like a list. Cause I can't think of anything off the top of my head.
  17. All the GTA games are completely unmod friendly. It may be weird. But a lot of the time. The newer games don't allow things that the older games do. It's the lack of source code, changes in the engine, they put in limiations on purpose, and being able to edit the core main files at will. R* sucks in that department in caring about mods. So that's not gonna really change. Intill they do. If GTA was truly that mod friendly. Then the mod would of been moved to GTA IV. Why on earth would we stick to Vice City. When the game is old to the point not reabily working on modern PC's. Picture it this way. Your job is to making Batman Begins. But you're stuck using 1980's tech. Work around that. Then when something does get done. It causes our really lovely game crash with no info on why.
  18. No new info because no real area change. The area that's being worked on is the city modeling. It just be "still working on town square." GTA V took 4 years to make. And they had a team of over 100. This mod has like 3. And no one is being paid to do this. So sadly 6 years. I haven't had VC installed for 5 years. I can't do anything either. But I don't check here every day. I just pop in once in a while. This stops you from going insane.
  19. Very nice models. Get those textures done .
  20. I should say a few things to give some ease. I'm sticking around till this mod is done. I wouldn't be wasting 20GB of space, storing the BD master audio tracks from the 3 films. All waiting for any new audio needs.
  21. Yeah the mod has a facebook page. It was setup a really long time ago lol.
  22. The IFT section exists you know. It's a perk. But you get info early there. This is starting to turn into the Star Trek Excalibur game engine project. People got very annoyed at no visible progess. Where the team opened up a twitter to update people on coding. They litettery just post "I just optimized thrusting coding right now". Just to show things are alive. That would just happen here. In this case it be Our modelers saying "Finished fixing some mesh glithces in the texaco sign." I'm not complaining at all. I'm pointing out that's what would be a update on the mod.
  23. Other people making maps is cool. Other people insulting the team's work isn't. We get it. We know it's taking years. Unless someone nicley covers our livelyhood requirements, AKA paychecks, the mod is gonna take a while.
  24. It's nice to see the stock car getting done.
  25. 585 watts. That's pretty crappy. Especially with the GTX650. You should just replace it with a 800+ watt one. Thermal tank is the brand I use.