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  1. The search button is your friend http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/inde...ost&p=31633
  2. Carlos: Does your name (Carlos85G) have a story behind why it is called that, or is it just random?
  3. It's beautiful! Me wants!
  4. i knew that i saw it months ago
  5. I dont want to sound like an a** or anything, but when i first saw this topics title, i got really excited thinking it was the actual video
  6. but, there can always be unoffical map addons of course
  7. yay! looks like no more worrying about coding space anymore!
  8. holy crap i only live about 3 hours from there! I mean Ohio, where the Del is being sold:P
  9. gtabttffan your coding is pretty good

  10. c'mon, a little detail never hurt anyone