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  1. Dammmm hill valley 2.0f and liberty city mods in less than a month from each other
  2. Rockstar stopped them being able to play GTA V entirely and banned there social club accounts.
  3. You scripted the car stuff your self?
  4. Okay, wrong words said... GTA V wasn't made with modding in mind. also, Rockstar supports modding? Ha. You seen what they've done to people who created a multiplayer mod for people who want to mod? My god... The next version of hill valley could use gta v with other maps stuck on if you wanted realism, red deads map could take over from gta v when in the 1800s. But don't try to make it multiplayer
  5. Errrrrrrrrrrrrm It's highly unlikely to be found if it's been taken off the Internet. TBH i'm surprised they ever were on the internet.
  6. That GTA V mod for BTTF would be cool if it had all the right sounds and animations etc, but GTA V was made to not be modded, took a while for modders to get in the code. So I'm not expecting anything to come from it for a while. Once good mods start coming I'll be getting it though! I have it on Xbone atm so I'm not missing out on anything yet. Good Start though, sorta like GTA IV's first BTTF mod.
  7. Hey, If you've got a space I'll be happy to help with the free to play bttf game. I'm alright at doing 3D modeling and stuff (just don't let me do people or cars).
  8. I'm still here I keep checking up on any progress... anywho, if it's a 'playable beta' and the last thing to be released on vice city then how is it a beta? Sorry, I'm just a little confused on how a beta is the last version. Looking forward to the release though
  9. Sometimes I have the same problem, most recently is when I run the steam version without downgrading it. If you're running the steam version of SA then you'll have to look for a way of making it version 1.0, as this (I believe) is the only mod friendly version. I'm not sure which one I used but if you look on the internet (or maybe even this site) then you'll find one.
  10. I'm gonna toy with the idea of a sonic screwdriver, I have 3D models of every TARDIS exteriors, I just need to update them and stuff.
  11. Well, it's now been nearly a year since the last update. Just sayin
  12. He's not left, proberbly no news and stuff
  13. 2 years on (of this topic being opened) and the picture still gives me the creeps.