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  1. Ok, Thanks! Great Work by the way!
  2. Hey guys I made a new audio file for the Time Travel FX. It's still a work in progress but i'll upload the files soon!
  3. Amazing, just amazing! I can't wait for the realise! Question: Do you need to jailbreak your iOS device for it to work?
  4. Man Coding is the one thing a want to learn!
  5. Well its no longer the 4th so can some-one close the topic?
  6. Where do i get the information? All I know about my PC is that it's a desktop, a Windows XP With service pack 3, and it's made by COMPAQ, it has a 7200rpm hard drive with a Intel Celeron D processor, With 80GB of internal memory, and 265MB of PC2700 Memory. ( what ever that is ) And that just by reading the front of my PC!
  7. I'm not rushing him, he can take i'll the time he needs! I'll happily wait 3 years if I have too!
  8. ya, my log-in name is ej1165 my username's are more creative now. So how you been since we last meet?

  9. I like you picture animation!

  10. Lets not get too excited it might be months before they finish 0.2f or a few models! Lets just respect the fact that it will take time too finish than the "soon" you hoped for!
  11. Hey ej! Excuse me for not noticing it was you at first, but your name is obviously different. lol