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  1. Platina be gone. I'm sad now. ):

  2. well, yeah......the point is you have to add it yourself
  3. didn't you say you found it?
  4. course not. She showed you one code, which was the before, and one more, which was the after.
  5. well, if you took out the train parts, then it'd be fine.
  6. go right ahead, just don't hijack blue's thread with it. The position's open after all on the hv team, so you can always take it. They'd probably be happy to have you code for them.
  7. Platina

    Fire trails

    probably color/length
  8. Platina

    Fire trails

    located in particle.cfg. Scm just creates them.
  9. course its ok. Thats her plan from the beginning.
  10. i have no idea what you two are talking about
  11. good luck with that. Before compiling, the dll was split between 15 files.