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  1. No but the thing is that I already have the D2D copy. I can just copy+paste the program files directory for GTA can't I? I got D2D a year ago when I had to reinstall the real game, again the disc was too scratched. I used it to reinstall the real VC, but I kept my old Boxed-version copy for Hill Valley. Now, I have to reinstall Hill Valley and was wondering if I could do it with another copy of the D2D version. Based on what you guys said, I can, and I will try it later. Thanks for the input!
  2. Will this game work with the Direct2Drive version of GTA Vice City? Reason being is that my VC Disc has become too scratched to use over the past 5 or so years, and I need to reinstall. I know the D2D version is different because gta-vc.exe is over 12MB compared to 3MB in the original game, and I was thinking perhaps its DRM or something like that would keep the mod from working . . .
  3. How is your server located in Dallas, Texas if this is a British site? If somebody else is hosting your site who is it and how long did it take you to write the software / what did you use to do so?
  4. So who made the Marty McFly, Doc, and Biff skins?
  5. So then why can't somebody hack the EXE and make it so there's unlimited/more space in the SCM? Also, why was this put into the SCM? Maybe I want to go into those buildings...
  6. Then perhaps we should get some of Mike's C++ friends to help us!!!
  7. Well the original game only requires 64MB and most people now have 128MB-1GB RAM so it shouldn't be huge problem. Plus, if they make LODs that would help a lot too. I'll probably be nest year, which sadly is more than a year since 0.2e. But once you see the progress they've made (and you realize that there's lots of other stuff to do in your life) you'll be sure glad it was worth the wait. However, I must admit that at this rate it'll be like 6 years until version 1.0 and by then probably nobody will even have VC anymore.... But peds obviously take less time to make and they seem more like a 'missing feature' type of thing, which is supposed to be fixed in 0.2f. The ped movie skins could wait until their respective map times (1955 peds in 0.3b, 1985 peds in 0.5b, etc.) but the ped paths really should be incorporated in 0.2f. Besides, from what I saw in one of the missions teasers, it looked like someobdy already had some ped paths in the works..... And believe me, if I knew how to do it, I'd do it myself.
  8. Damn that sucks..... Is the thing that makes you die when in water hardcoded?
  9. So then why is everybody so concerned over what cars to put in the game if you can just add a couple more?
  10. So I'm assuming that 0.5x and 0.6x will include the 1985A map and missions? Honestly, I cannot wait for 0.3a.
  11. Just like the opening video is such low resolution.
  12. And it's still not possible to ADD cars/helis to Vice City?
  13. This should be a very quick easy one to implement in 0.2f. How about: When you die, you don't default to the Tommy Vercetti skin, and you respawn at the mansion instead of the hospital?
  14. Well guys, thanks anyway for trying.... Yeah I forgot you'd have to have 2 models for every car and that would waste a ton of space.
  15. While I'm here, another request. This should be a very quick easy one to implement in 0.2f. How about: When you die, you don't default to the Tommy Vercetti skin?