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  1. Oh, they're all mono. But when I was first making them I used 44100 Hz for one of the sound files and it still works just fine.
  2. Hey, I'm the guy that ported the sounds to SA. I know that the car needs to have only 5 gears, Mike. However, I do not know of which "tweaks" you are talking about, unless the gear thing you mentioned were the tweaks that were needed?
  3. Yeah, I'm not gonna join in in this little "fight." But still, this stuff is hilarious xD
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  6. You click "fast reply" or "add reply" at the bottom of the page you doof.
  7. Or maybe you just fail at explaining. Anyway, we already have professionals working on the job. Whatever stuff you add to the mod, they will not use, offer or no offer.
  8. I love how the zombies drop money when they die xD Rich zombies ftw
  9. I still have my engine sounds. If blue or zero or mini-me knows how to code an installer to work with SAAT, I can provide the sounds right now. P.S. Quoting rule?
  10. How about -10 for being the best admin there could ever be? He's online most of the time and keeps whiners and pointless-post ... posters off of the forums.
  11. That's the Terminator for you Or in other words.. SKYNET.
  12. Is it just me or does it really look demented while in SA? x.x I'm not making fun of your work, I'm just saying it looks kinda strange in game