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  1. haha yeah and its installed but im at work so i cant play it. and even when i get home i doubt the gf would be too happy with me ignoring her to play a game
  2. http://www.knightindustriesmodding.com/kr/...p?showtopic=318
  3. we chose the cars we did because they were what we could find and get permission for at the time
  4. hmm weird. not sure what would cause that
  5. i dont know what would cause the CLEOs not to work. theyve always all worked for me. the only thing i can think of would be conflicts with other installed mods but if there are none i have no idea. if one works theres no reason why they shouldnt all work
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5tPv32aGWE
  7. technically it never truly began, it was just a concept
  8. there was a stripe only available on the '83 but it was a small, less noticeable gray stripe
  9. i think its fine starting at docs garage
  10. power of love was featured in the movie as both the song he was listening to on his casette player at the begining, and the song he uses to audition for the school dance. so i think it would fit on the radio in the game
  11. are you like, planning on making one or what...
  12. all our radio stations will feature forum requested music. its the way ive always done it.
  13. K.I.T.T.

    The Almanac

    i dunno lol. del was working on getting it ingame at one point, but i dont know how it went.
  14. K.I.T.T.


    already one in the works 1985 Rock Station Van Halen - Running With The Devil Deep Purple - Smoke on the water AC/DC - Highway to Hell Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Kiss - Rock and Roll all Night Van Halen – Jump The Who - Who are you Black Sabbath - Paranoid Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell Van Halen - You really got me AC/DC – TNT Queen and David Bowie - Under Pressure Kiss - I was made for loving you Black Sabbath - War Pigs Metallica - Fade To Black Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song The Who - Baba O' Riley playlist from a poll in the old forum. all i have to do is write the script then EWJ can DJ it
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    this has gone off the topic. lets keep that discussion in a separate topic.
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    109.7 HVR http://www.mediafire.com/?ni2gmin1inn Rewind FM http://www.mediafire.com/?yilz1imwznz
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    one is 80mb the other is 60 so this is gonna take a while
  18. K.I.T.T.


    Wildstyle - 1955 KKHV Flash FM - 1955 109.7 HVR K-Chat - 1985 KKHV Fever 105 - 1985 109.7 HVR V-Rock - 1985 HVRR VCPR - 1985 (To Be Determined) Esperentaso - 2015 KKHV Emotion 98.3 - 2015 109.7 HVR Wave 103 - 2015 Rewind FM and i dont have transcripts of the 2 stations ive done cause i kinda just improvised. you can listen to them though. ill have to upload them first
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    only 2 have been written and recorded, and one i have the song list, but havent written it yet. the rest are still blank
  20. K.I.T.T.


    yeah well ive been very lazy this holidays but i been thinking of writing the next station some time soon. i might get my butthead into gear some time in the next few weeks and just get it over with
  21. ace used Blender i think. you could try that
  22. i havent touched the loading screens so its a problem with your game not the mod
  23. i chose only cars that have already been modeled. all i need to do is get permission to use them