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  1. haha yeah and its installed but im at work so i cant play it. and even when i get home i doubt the gf would be too happy with me ignoring her to play a game
  2. http://www.knightindustriesmodding.com/kr/...p?showtopic=318
  3. K.I.T.T.

    A good buy?

    really? here i havent seen one for less than $40k
  4. in recognition of the eastern australian dust storms
  5. we chose the cars we did because they were what we could find and get permission for at the time
  6. hmm weird. not sure what would cause that
  7. i dont know what would cause the CLEOs not to work. theyve always all worked for me. the only thing i can think of would be conflicts with other installed mods but if there are none i have no idea. if one works theres no reason why they shouldnt all work
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5tPv32aGWE
  9. iPro: you'd just design the mac house. it wouldnt have any windows
  10. i realise that. couldnt be bothered to edit my sig when i changed my name. its the same sig i use on ClubCJ where my name is Stalker as well
  11. lol im sure id be the same if i had to drive an american car
  12. lol only off the traffic lights.