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  1. I didn't get any installation errors, but I'm having the same issue. Also, the Time Train's wheels are missing, the door disappears when I open it, and it turns into a helicopter as well.
  2. I had that happen to mine as well. It's decent, but has the same inaccuracies that the Sunstar model has. Only real pro that the plastic model has over die cast is the doors stay open. You'd think they'd find some way by now to have them stay open at the right angle.
  3. Weird, though that does explain WHY the time machine cars don't have the exhaust pipes like they obviously should have. And that picture shows one MORE thing that bugs me with the toy cars. The vents. Why can't anyone get the vents right either?
  4. Michael playing guitar again is just amazing. And uh...Microman, you DID read the scale of the webpage you posted, right? It's not 1:18 scale, it's 1:43. In fact, they haven't even announced a 1:18(though it's almost a foregone conclusion). However. Why, OH WHY, do all off these stupid models of the DeLorean time machine have the twin exhaust pipes?! IT DIDN'T HAVE THOSE!
  5. So glad to see the TLC being given to this project. The DeLorean time machine is one of, if not THE most iconic movie car ever, the others being the Batmobile and Ecto-1. I love how passionate Bob Gale is about this too. That being said...who are the 5 jerk-offs who dis-liked that video???
  6. Simply put, instead of doing a replica of the "Hero" prop, the main one, Mattel "studied" all the various variations of the hoverboard props and took what they felt to be the best bit of each one. This is really disappointing considering just how much detail they put into the Ghostbusters props. It really sucks that Bob Gale had brought in HIS hoverboards from the film, and Mattel apparently just discounted it and went with what THEY felt would be a good "replica". Honestly? I don't want a hoverboard that doesn't really hover anyways, and considering that there has YET to be a good toy of the freaking TIME MACHINE ANYWAYS(every version I have seen has had one problem or another as far as accuracy goes, and the Back to the Future 3 versions are the worst offenders), I think they did well at least getting the basic freakin shape right.
  7. "This video contains content from UMG and UMPG Publishing, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." What the...?
  8. Neat. Marty with a proton pack. That's somethin you don't see very often.
  9. Yeah, the Sunstars are good for that scale, but not the best, and it doesn't help that the Diamond Select car used the Sunstar as the basis. They may deny that, but you can't look at the two and say that they're not very similar.
  10. I've also noticed that there's an odd line bisecting the hood, but it's barely noticeable. Also found that while flying, if you look in the interior, you're able to see through the doors, and the underside of the car is white when it's a bit away. That may just be my crappy computer though. And the see through the door bug affects the driver's side on the ground. And it may just be me, but the back end seems a little high off the ground. I hope I made sense lol
  11. The lights on the doors are holes in the door, you can see the window through them lol And yes, there's missing glass on the Mr. Fusion. And it is on the TellTale model. Glass is also missing on the time circuit control switch. Must have been the conversion.
  12. As sweet as it was, I must agree. Doc would never take that kind of risk, even for sentimentality's sake.
  13. Is that grille thing on the front of the wormhole emitter in the movie? I don't recall ever seeing it... Everything else looks awesome. Especially loving the gauge thrown in to the railroad version of the BTTF3 DeLorean.
  14. Wow, that is very detailed work on the time machine interior!