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  1. It's fault of those who wrote the articles. When I uploaded this new video about the mod, in some sites they stated that we gonna make the mod also for GTA V! How is that possible if it's even announced the PC version yet! xD
  2. It's not that big deal. Look, they are all using my last public version of the script that I released years ago, when I was working alone, before joining officially in this team. They are just adding what is lacking in the script, like more effects, the flying deloean, etc.. And without the access to the main timetravel script, they can't do more than this. So we can't blame them, they are fans like us that want to create a mod of BTTF for GTA IV. Moreover seedyrom made only a video with all the various available mods regarding BTTF, if you look in the description box you will see the credits for each of it, and never released anything.
  3. Well but I had said that I was going to upload it on the tube That's why I uploaded the video. It was too long since the last one, I wanted to prove that the mod is still alive and there are a lot of people interested in it.
  4. Sorry, I don't understand (language difference!) xD What happened?
  5. I actually knew also of the frost effect that is possible, but never done a proper search on how do it. That glowing bands instead look very good, that guy is very capable, I like also the effects in the circuits on the hood of the RR DeLorean.
  6. Moved in the right section of the forum and changed a little the title! They are the standards game effects, so they are not movie accurate. And RobertBlox, in response to your comment in the video, yes I know about that extra parts can be used for the bands, it's just they don't have the same glowing effect of the corona.
  7. I have only now discovered this topic. Just to make clear, even if I'm Italian myself I don't know this guy and I'm not related to him.
  8. Using an answer of the Magic 8-Ball: "Signs point to yes".
  9. Yup that's my mod (I mean only the code part). It is the last public beta version that I released 2 or more years ago. I told him not to publish the download link because that version is very buggy, although can still be found in some gta mods sites.
  10. Oh well..surely we italians know how to put ourselves in embarrassment and be sure that all the world see us xD
  11. Unfortunately, with the 0.2e R2, the game crashes during the loading screens.
  12. You were right, it is not the 0.2e. I messed up with the installation files, and by mistake I installed the "developers build", as you said.
  13. No, it is the 0.2e version!!I used the R2 installation file!Now that you remind me, you're right, the tutorial mission there isn't. This is another strange thing! However I will try to delete the d3d8.dll file.
  14. No, it isn't the keyboard, I unplugged it when the game started but Tommy\Marty still moves in circles!!It's weird!But now I think that is a problem of the emulator.
  15. Already tested but the problem remains.
  16. Hi, I was trying to run GTA under Linux but I have a problem with the controls. I tried 3 different distro, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and now Sabayon(gentoo based), but in all of them I have the same problem. As you can see in the video, Tommy\Marty moves in circles like down and right keys are pressed but I don't press them!!If I press up or left key, the direction changes, and if I press up and left together Tommy\Marty stops. I tried to change the controls configuration but continues to move in circles. How that is possible??Someone had this same problem?
  17. When I have updates, I will post them. At the moment I am too busy with the study for mid-term exams.
  18. SparkIV is an open-source project, but it is in C#. However I can try to modify it.
  19. Exactly, and we are also looking for an automatic installer for the model.
  20. I advise you to wait for the new release, the old version is not compatible with the latest patch for GTA IV.
  21. But thanks to him I remembered that I have not posted the video on the topic!
  22. " width="600px" height="361px">" />" width="600px" height="361px" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" />
  23. And If you can remove the link of the program of the decompiler, I don't allow the reverse engineering of my code and the redistribution without my permission.
  24. Sorry but I don't have ELFC and TBGT so I can't test my mod with them.
  25. The DeLorean replaces the SuperGT but I have not changed the speed in the file handling.cfg, I have changed in my code the value that is multiplied to the speed of the game to get the speed in MPH. I hope I explained myself well in English.