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  1. You asked if it is going to be released next year....it might be this year (but I doubt it) PS: The models are AWESOME
  2. Yes, it is possible but it's not the team's priority right now....they're concentrating on the main years (1885,1955,1985,2015) They started with 1955, but it isn't finished yet =P
  3. It's great! but doesn't the car have better textures?? I think that when I played the ghostbusters game it had higher resolution textures...O.o
  4. OMG this is awesome! You're really good! Can I make a request?? Could you try to convert Deadpool from marvel ultimate alliance to San Andreas??? *__*
  5. oh.....I thought you meant this:
  6. I thought that it hasn't been released yet...where did you download it from? O.o
  7. Jay


    It's definitly NOT the models. 1-They're stock san andreas models, so it isn't suposed to be anything wrong with them 2-I moved them closer to the map and now the model disappears almost at the end of the bridge, so the spot where it disappears depends on the position of the model itself 3-If I move them to the center of the map, they don't disappear at all... So like I said, the problem must be the limit or the boundaries of the san andreas map. Now my question is, is there any way I could expand the limit of the map so that the models don't disappear after that "line"? I really didn't want to use the San andreas map cleaner....
  8. Jay


    I'm almost sure it's not a model thing, because I just switched the first half model(wich was good) with the second half, and now the "bad" model is good and the "good" one is wrong. So I really think I reached the map boundaries....and I don't know how to expand them
  9. Jay


    If it was the LOD the same would happen to the first half of the bridge...and it doesn't besides....it's disappears only when i get closer and looking forward I've done a lot of maps in vice city and no LODs were used. My question here is, if the bridge reaches the boundaries of the map, and if that's the case, maybe that would explain this. I already tried to increase the streaming memory but it still happens...