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  1. I built mine myself, it's just a case name.
  2. According to the badge mines a Syclone
  3. Stunt places like the abandoned air field etc should be stunts etc the rest should just be the same or some random things etc
  4. And that sentence deserves a topic?
  5. Who said it would be on Steam? I doubt they would host it... I know they host like mods for Valve games but that's because Valve makes Steam and Steam hosting Rockstars stuff would probably need permission.
  6. I'm actually making a server with one of my old PCs but my net wouldn't be fast enough for like 5+ players and I'm in Australia so it'd be crap ping for you guys.
  7. They could since you can use any cleo
  8. What cars you see in MP is the cars that is in your thingy.img So basically you can have any car you want but everyone else will see the car that is in their thingy.img
  9. Sorry administrator of this modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, you did not tell me if I would enjoy this modification or not. Please comply or I will not be able to play.
  10. I've got a question for the red colored administrator: What kind of enjoyment should I expect from future releases? If it is lots should I or should I not install Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Also, what kind of features should I be expecting and is there any crashing? Thank you for your time.