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    It's been nearly a decade still this mod hasn't been released
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    hi may i get the link for android would be really cool to try it out
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    Version 1.1B


    controls are in the readme just install right over gta III Alternate download link 1.1B Installer
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    Neo Matrix if you don't want to work on this project anymore I will be glad to take it over for you just email me when you're ready
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    I still have all of the relevent files to this and can remember how I did it. I could never get the models to work properly. The game is too unstable when putting in custom models. For a while I had it working but have never been able to get models to work without crashing. If anyone has a fix for it I'll finish this straight away! EDIT: I see VC Mobile has been updated this year. I will try and see if I can get stablity with some kind of model. I did try lowering polys and everything but nothing would work. I will update with my progress. EDIT2: Now think I can get this working just need time.
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    good afternoon, do you already have this mod to download ?? for android
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    Hey guys been a while since we made a release hasn't it, well good news! 0.2f R2 has been released you can find the download here: http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/files/file/106-02f-r2-developmental-build-2019-08-11/ Or from moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/back-to-the-future-hill-valley/downloads/bttf-hill-valley-version-02f-r2-20190811-auto-installer Or finally via: http://www.hilvalleydatabase.xyz Whats been included in R2? Revamped map Animations for things like RC mode, Refueling New Stainless steel textures for the deloreans Tons of new bugs and possibly some fixed who knows... Work on the hud and new digital font! Removal of vice city to make room for the new map and future map redesign More time changing areas Want to talk about all things BTTF Hill Valley and join the 300 members already on discord? Visit here! https://discord.gg/gdTTHkE
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    Welcome back everyone to the dead thread. Is anyone still alive?
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    Hey could you pretty please tell NeoMatrix pretty please
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    Hey Neomatrix could you please send me that pretty please Neomatrix
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    Please send me for android thank you >>> E-Mail: ferenc88453@gmail.com
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    hear my impressions soon in the game! BTW, if you want to hear what my Marty currently sounds like, here's a mediafire link to the audition mp3 I gave BTTF LC. http://www.mediafire.com/?f2rpd94hw5c09q6
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    Hey dude, thanks man! And regarding the BTTF voices comment you left on YouTube (for some reason the Youtube reply function is glitchy right now so I had to reply here lol XD), Yeah I'm so happy I get to put my BTTF impressions to some use now! And trust me, my Marty has gotten much better since that video lol XD. Thanks for the kind words, and I hope that you'll be able to h