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    It's been nearly a decade still this mod hasn't been released
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    hi may i get the link for android would be really cool to try it out
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    Neo Matrix if you don't want to work on this project anymore I will be glad to take it over for you just email me when you're ready
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    I still have all of the relevent files to this and can remember how I did it. I could never get the models to work properly. The game is too unstable when putting in custom models. For a while I had it working but have never been able to get models to work without crashing. If anyone has a fix for it I'll finish this straight away! EDIT: I see VC Mobile has been updated this year. I will try and see if I can get stablity with some kind of model. I did try lowering polys and everything but nothing would work. I will update with my progress. EDIT2: Now think I can get this working just need time.
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    good afternoon, do you already have this mod to download ?? for android
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    Welcome back everyone to the dead thread. Is anyone still alive?
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    Hey could you pretty please tell NeoMatrix pretty please
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    Hey Neomatrix could you please send me that pretty please Neomatrix
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    Please send me for android thank you >>> E-Mail: ferenc88453@gmail.com
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    Version 0.2f R1


    Controls: Switch on/off time circuits - + Destination time is entered via the keypad or top row of buttons on the keyboard, confirm your entry with the minus key - Open/Close doors on Jules Verne Train - T Open/Close rear tail gate on Docs truck - Y Change BTTF 2 DeLorean to hover mode - C Toggle cutscene / instant time travel - M Connect BTTF 3 railroad delorean to Rogers locomotive - Numpad 4 Rogers push BTTF 3 railroad delorean - Horn Alternate download link: Should you are have issues downloading the file from our website, please try the download mirror on Moddb on the link below: If you have issues installing the mod, please refer to the 0.2e install tutorial on youtube, as the same applies to the 0.2f installer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyaXgSMrQ6E