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    Does not have animations in 0.2e.
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    I was stuck on that to for a little bit, some didn't like the game but I love it even til this day.
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    I must say that I had a hard time with the beginning of Double Visions, where Marty is trying to reach Jennifer Parker, who has been brainwashed by the Citizen Plus program in the next room. I had some kind of jam.
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    The readme and the download page say different things, and I can't control the time circuits. Please, help me.
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    that's actually not precise. I'm from Austria (which is a German speaking country as you might know), and even tough I'm not posting anything at the moment, I stop by every then and now.
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    It's been almost 9 years, is the development still continuing? It's a job that requires willpower.
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    I really like this mod... I can't play in my pc cause my pc is dead... Please make an Android version of little bit of feature... Like Autocruse, spm, & rocket launcher etc
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    A few months ago, I ripped a load of character models from Telltale's BTTF game (35 of them to be precise). I recently realised that since I'm not going to use them for anything, the community will probably benefit from having them, especially if anybody knows how to convert them to GTA. These are ****not**** DFFs ready for import. These are OBJ files. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?6afdo974xa74m39 Some of the T-poses are less than perfect and I apologise for that.
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    Created an account just to tell you, thank you so much. I've been trying to get all these models for years but never worked properly, now I can put them in GTA!
  12. 1 point – February 04 2022 Maintenance release to address compatibility issues running the mod under Windows 10. • Incorporates latest source code release to installer (Nov 05 2010) • Added Silent’s ASI Loader v1.3 • Added Silent Patch v1.1 for GTA SA • Added Open Limit Adjuster v1.5.8 Download link: Back to the Future SA Mini Mod - Main Releases - Back To The Future: Hill Valley (bttfhillvalley.co.uk)
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    There does currently exist a mod that adds the DeLorean time machine into the game and allows you to time travel. It's not a BTTF: Hill Valley mod, though.
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    I live along 24 Mile Road in Michigan, which is about 15 miles North of Detroit. The one of the closest places I live to is the Van Dyke Avenue/24 Mile Road intersection. In 1885, the intersection, then called Disco, had formally existed for about 36 years (platted in 1849). I assume dirt roads existed and trees stood freely at the sides of the roads and corners of the intersection. A school house, called Andrew's school house, in another area existed at this time, as well. In 1955, likely less trees, the residential street I lived on was likely a sand-lot and/or farmland, it's namesake derives from the farmer who owned the land. The elementary school I would attend wouldn't be built for a few more years. By 1985, Andrew's school house had been moved close to Disco, and the street I would live on has ~10 year old houses along its sides. In 2008/2009, at the gas station that would become some metro cafe had a DeLorean in its parking lot. I would not have seen it had not my brother's friend's car not stall due to an oil problem. That same friend, like me, also likes DeLorean, but isn't a fan of BTTF, which is surprising (to me, at least). Later, when I would visit my family friends miles North of Disco, I visited their huge house and barns. In one, I got to uncover a cloth over a DeLorean. As I sat inside it, I got to hold and pet my friends' kittens. The car itself was dank and the whole experience was ballin'. Once more I would see another DeLorean, alongside a house in the newly developed area of my subdivision. It was fun, I guess. By 2015, lots of trees have been cut on three corners of Disco, leaving most between residential streets and buildings. At apartment development project that began around 2007/08 after the removal of an assload of trees, and has seen slow, gradual progress due to the home market crash of 2008. 24 Mile has been torn up and repaved at the rate of a snail's pace. 2045, I have no god-darn clue hwhat will happen, I tell you what.
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    1885 was basically Assassin's Creed syndicate 1955 was the same 1985 was the same 2015 is the same 2045 will be the same
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    Where has my profile pic gone?
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    I just didn't really care for it. As a hardcore fan I guess I expected way too much out of it. Fun for a play-through one time but no replay value. Our mod is already a little bit more fun.
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    Site's down. This might be it. "My Games" says it's online, but I get the "Oh Crumbs" page.