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  1. A few months ago, I ripped a load of character models from Telltale's BTTF game (35 of them to be precise). I recently realised that since I'm not going to use them for anything, the community will probably benefit from having them, especially if anybody knows how to convert them to GTA. These are ****not**** DFFs ready for import. These are OBJ files. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?6afdo974xa74m39 Some of the T-poses are less than perfect and I apologise for that.
  2. It probably won't be revived, unless anyone else on the site can provide a download. For some reason, BTTFModMachine vanished from the face of the Earth in late 2015, taking his YouTube channel and mods with him.
  3. " Now, go deal with the other issues, not the ones that I've already figured out for myself. " Ordering people around isn't the best way to get them to help you.
  4. It's not a bug, you're doing it wrong. After you enter your destination in the correct format, e.g. 111219552204 = November 12th 1955 10:04 p.m., you have to press a key to actually confirm it. This key is probably numpad minus or numpad enter, but surely it must say it in the readme somewhere.
  5. When you change Speakeasy Marty's jacket colour to brown, he kind of vaguely resembles 1885 Marty from the festival (except he has his jacket done up and is wearing a tie)...
  6. Yeah, they're great. I can't wait for the rest of Hard Time, and then Biff to the Future after that. Hopefully they'll continue for a long time!
  7. Actually, I found the original thread from 2011 where Trance asked how to extract models, and I used the same method (3D ripper). I think the error must have happened in 3DS Max at some point.
  8. So I fixed the textures and stopped him being a smurf: Unfortunately I keep getting this error: So the model won't export to dff. (If anybody knows how to make it work, please help!)
  9. Hello my friends! Recently, I've ripped the George McFly model from BTTF: The Game. I haven't rigged it yet, but if by some miracle the model works as intended, I'll put it up here to download. Indeed, if it successfully works then I might try and convert and retexture Jennifer as well.
  10. Are you also replacing bullet.txd with the new txd? If the telltale DeLorean works when replacing a different car, you could go into the cleo script for the DeLorean spawn and replace all instances of the car's id (541) with that of the telltale DeLorean. But that's a rather roundabout method of doing it.
  11. And now, after almost a year... Part III is here.
  12. Wow, I never saw that scene before, thanks for telling me about it! I agree, they are pretty similar
  13. I don't know if anyone here follows the IDW Back to the Future comics, but they feature a method of time traveling called the 'Time Parachute', in which one carries the time circuits as a backpack, and takes a small balloon up to a high altitude. Then, they stop the balloon, and fall until they reach 88 miles per hour. They time travel and pull the ripcord, slowing themselves down for the landing. I was wondering if this feature could be implemented into the mod - probably not with Vice City, as it has no stock parachute, but in San Andreas it could be possible.
  14. It took 8 months to release, but part 2 is finally out.
  15. Found this on reddit, but thought it could be good for additional pics/continuity/etc. The films were shot in the typical 80's 4:3, and cropped to widescreen (which is how we view them today, unless you still have the fullscreen DVD.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOJ3XTc83R4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_TVxIfl_UI
  16. I think the car's just deteriorated over time. The light on the flux bands and capacitor started as a pale blue, but after it was struck by lightning twice and potentially fell 50ft on arriving in 1885, it had become an orangey-red, and there are now sparks flying inside the flux capacitor's box. (Obviously they had a bigger budget, but this is my in-universe headcanon)
  17. In 1.1A, you could press the hover on button and it would fly like a car
  18. The models look amazing! I'm not sure about this, but isn't the mall supposed to be in the direction of the Lyon Estates? Otherwise he couldn't stop there on the way from the ranch to coming around the corner by the Essex Theater.
  19. I don't have GTA III installed at the moment, but can you still press ; on the hoverboard and make it fly?
  20. Remote control a DeLorean and then put it in the car crusher
  21. But if you replaced Area 69, would you not still get 6 stars when you tried to enter Hill Valley?
  22. 1885 was basically Assassin's Creed syndicate 1955 was the same 1985 was the same 2015 is the same 2045 will be the same
  23. Because it's an American film, and Hill Valley is supposed to be situated in California. Don't worry, I'm in the UK too. It's a shame that all the important dates fall in the middle of the night for us, but at least now we know how australian Doctor Who viewers feel.
  24. It's being released at 4:29 p.m., Hill Valley time. So when this reaches 16:29 http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fullscreen.html?n=137