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  1. Environment mod

    Nice work
  2. Hey Mike how do you change the PM and AM in 0.2f

  3. Back to the Future 0.2f lags

    Not a bug, your PC lacks the requirements to play version 0.2f of BTTF HV.
  4. hey mike I need help with one of my audio files. Its the DeLorean idle sound from back to the future. could you or another person on the team remove the clicking noise from it when it loops for me. greatly appreciated thanks and heres the sound. P.S make it the best possible thanks.

    delorean idle.wav

  5. irrKlang.dll

    It sounds like you don't have the mod installed correctly. 
  6. 0.2f models for GTA SA

    ^^ and people wonder why we lose interest in working on the mod when people take our work, convert it and release it without permission...
  7. http://www.bttfhillvalley.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/5766-02f-models-for-gta-sa/
  8. Is there any kind of map mod for BTTF:SA

    Aeroplane sound? its actually an old Hanna Barbera sound effect. Think the Jetsons: http://youtu.be/J1bK1cVxkFs
  9. Is there any kind of map mod for BTTF:SA

    We're working on it 
  10. Hill Valley Milestone

    You know there is a reason we ditched those models and started from scratch right? They were junk. 
  11. 0.2F - What happened to the ingame guide

    The tutorial and ride missions were removed.    But it watch this space, we are looking to add them back in a future update 
  12. Weapon Bug

    The lybians ak-47 also uses that particle.   
  13. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    I agree Carlos, and in all likelihood there is no permission for the conversions, so we couldn't use them anyway.   Regardless, I won't consider anyone else's Delorean models. Yours look awesome.  Plus is flash checks the image gallery he will see it's already in GTA IV and looks superb. 
  14. It seems to be a random glitch.    I get it sometimes.    If I drive to HV and then TT to 18:59 and wait around for a minute, when the night models load for the first time at 19:00 they load OK. 
  15. [REL/VC] HQ Stock Delorean!

    Nothing is wrong with the ones we have now. Carlos' 0.2f DeLorean models are the most accurate you will find, anywhere. Period.  I can only assume mr blue flash hasn't played 0.2f so hasn't seen them? http://youtu.be/_pImJM9bM7Y