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  1. bttf29

    Marty Models

    its a greek island
  2. bttf29

    Marty Models

    yeh moved to cyprus ayia napa lol
  3. bttf29

    Marty Models

    im still around but at the moment got no time ..moved to another country so busy busy
  4. what im hoping will happen is you start of just shirt jeans trainers but you can go to other places to change clothes and get the jump jacket and so on. and the radiation suit.
  5. well it does on this it would be pointless.
  6. what lol start shouting brains.
  7. thanks any new progress i will post here. no more tommy lol
  8. lol marty will be alive and well once we are done lol.
  9. okay another update model is being rigged by dragon and as you can see from the last shot of it in game its improving still needs work tho the uv ie texutre needs to be alligned. and more rigging tests. but its all progress. and i'll keep ya posted on any changes and updates.
  10. ive been back a while now lol
  11. no worries. and sorry if i seemed angry lol
  12. if you read in my post above the picture you can see that i put dragon was having problems rigging it.
  13. what a stupid comment obviously you dont know anything about low poly or rendering or rigging anything into a game. if your gonna post stupid comments like that dont post at all.