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  1. me to i think the 04 is more elegant and nicer streamlined
  2. thanks didn't know the forum had a search engine greetz from me
  3. i remember that there was a topic made by blue about a bttf crysis mod if it stil exists please link me greetz from me
  4. yea but if you make a hole scene in one sound woulnt that solve that problem ?
  5. here this is my own patch i use it al the time and it works for my because i have v2 mostly fixes Alot with the new main.scm and script.img just extract and copy gtasa.exe and data to youre fresh gta sa install and the install the bttf mod again http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?o0l0tynzynw hope it works if not in dont know anything more -elyo
  6. have you tryed manual install 1.just extract the BTTF_SA_0.1.3.1_Setup.exe with 7zip 2.copy everything accept : $PLUGINSDIR to youre (v1!!!!) gta sa install and override 3.then go to the GTA San Andreas/models folder and delete :$PLUGINSDIR img script 4.open IMGtool and open the gta3.img and delete bullet.dff and sparrow.dff 5.add GTA San Andreas/models/addtogta3img/(everthing whats in here) to youre gta3.img 6.try to start the game -elyo
  7. like it blue have you though about a refill feature ? am just wondering no hurry -elyo
  8. niet zo een smart ass zijn he -elyo and