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  1. Is that a Lamborghini Aventador?
  2. No, what I meant was did you pull the release date forward? Course I want it released Early!
  3. Sorry to bump this, but the first post is out of date
  4. So you edit the txt file in Sanny builder.
  5. every time I start 0.2f it keeps on crashing
  6. So in the UK, it will be released at 12:29 AM on Thursday, October 22 2015
  7. is any one going to update the progress?
  8. The Year is always saying "2013" Does it mean 0.2f will be released in that year?
  9. The Hill Valley town square estimated compleation still says Jamuary 2013 and it is already March 2013.
  10. yes because 21/12/12 is just the begining of the 14th baktun
  11. 1 week left until the 14th B'ak'tun.
  12. Is anyone going to update this topic
  13. Yes Becuase: 12/21/12 is simply the 1st day of the 14th B'ak'tun